Things to do to make moving day smooth

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Shifting from one place to another is a daunting job for anybody, even if you are familiar with the process. Planning, budgeting, prepacking, deciding what to leave and what to take, moving and finally unpacking—the whole process takes an emotional and physical toll on a person. Pressure doubles in a family home with kids, and the bigger the family the more stuff to keep track of. It is quite difficult for the responsible person to plan and execute the whole job methodically without outside help.

We compiled a list to help you avoid potential chaos on moving day.

Behold, the list!

First and foremost, make a list way before the moving process starts. Do not procrastinate, decide on what you are taking and what you are leaving and what the movers will take care of. To be more precise you can make a floor plan of the new space, labelling which boxes will be placed in different rooms. Then make a list of the things you want to buy, including estimated prices that does not surpass your budget for the move. Is your list too long? Don’t worry, it is going to be a lot of help for the days ahead.

Advanced planning

Get a move on after making the list. Plan every detail so moving day becomes a piece of cake. Mark the jobs you need to do first on the list and start doing them. Always start packing and organising things with sufficient time before moving because trust us on this, it gets hectic.

Hiring movers

Now this is very important—hiring movers. You can positively reduce the heavy workload of your list by hiring companies that provide the muscle and the resources for moving. They would provide you with packing boxes, tape, porta robes, bubble wraps, covers for your furniture and the most crucial of it all—the human resources. You can ask around or do some internet research to find the right movers for you, although stay alert not to attract frauds. You want the maximum security and care for your possessions. We advise you make an informed decision before hiring movers. Look for experience, professionalism, good reviews and reasonable prices. Call and talk to them if you need. Once you’ve chosen a mover they would send someone to your house to make an estimate of the materials, human resources and cost. Match the estimate with your budget and confirm with the movers that you are going to use their service. Notify them about any delicate but heavy objects beforehand such as pianos, gaming tables, big fish tanks, heavy safes, statues etc.

Shop for essentials

If you hire movers and are paying them to bring materials for packing, you are good to go, but if not, you have to buy them. Some good moving companies sell these materials and also buy them back after you finish moving. Look for these kind of offers because it works out well for both the parties and saves you some money and storage space, it is a win-win situation.

Calm down the kids and pets

Unfortunately adding kids and pets into the moving equation makes it a lot harder. They simply do not like change. Keeping the kids and pets calm is half the battle. Sending your pets or the kids to a friend or relative on moving day is a great way to save your valuable time and energy on moving day.

Supervise the packing

Movers that also packed are well-versed in moving best practice. Experienced movers know how to minimise damage of assets during packing. But supervise the packing because you would know where your things go best. Consult with the movers to let them understand which boxes you need first and which ones go to which room of the new house. You can’t have a box of kitchenware sitting in the bedroom or the pillows in the tub. Put your essentials in an overnight bag, anything you would need in the new house immediately.

Know where to park the truck

Always pick a parking space near the new residence to park the moving truck. Do not pick a place on the moving day, it’s best to visit the place beforehand and decide which would be the best and most convenient place for parking.

Unloading and unpacking

We’re nearly there, now is the time to unpack and unload. Supervise the unloading and unpacking, if you cannot do it alone, call someone to help beforehand. You do not need more hassle on an already stressful day!

Ready to settle in!

Decent moving companies unpack your stuff for you. They will help you settle in. Do what you need to do to keep your new place as organised as possible. Schedule cable, phone service, and internet installation for after moving in. Have snacks and water supplied for yourself and anyone that is helping when needed.

Moving day can be tiring but if you are organised and alert, follow a well formulated plan and manage your time well, you can finish it smoothly.

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