About us

More about us & how we remove the hassle from removals

Husband and wife team, Craig and Faith, are the driving force behind A Smooth Move Removals on the Gold Coast. However, their trusty side-kick Betty Boo, a Toy Poodle, is very much the boss; taking her role very seriously Betty Boo greets the staff in the morning and is happily paid in liver treats.

Having been in the removals industry for over a decade, we often joke that we could be world champions at Tetris and maybe we should incorporate Tetris as part of our staff training.

As a family owned and operated business we like to treat our customers in the same way we’d like to be treated, with respect and understanding.

Removalists are entering a person’s life at a time that is pretty stressful, and we want to be that company that makes that move a smooth one; we want people to walk away thinking, that wasn’t so bad after all.

Removalists that care

With a team of ten plus removalists we are always at the helm to assist you with any residential removals, business removals and office removals on the Gold Coast.

At A Smooth Move Removals, we work hard to ensure that your move is a smooth one, and you will see the passion and pride our staff take in their work.

Customer service comes as standard

Having spent the better part of 20 years in hospitality, we know the value of great customer service. We know that part of getting a good experience is feeling like you’ve had value for money, and that’s why we ensure that we provide a quality removalist service for a fair price.

Whilst we’re old school in our approach to customer service, we use the latest technology to ensure that all our moves are smooth; using a digital real time GPS tracker on all our trucks, we know where all your valuables are, every step of the way.

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Why trust your valuable possessions to just anyone? At A Smooth Move Removals on the Gold Coast we go the extra mile for our clients. We want you and your family to get the best possible moving experience, so call us for a free quote and ensure your move is a smooth one.