Do I need to tell you exactly what I have to move?

Yes PLEASE! The more information you give us the better as we can allocate the right Removalists that fits your job. Being completely packed is the KEY to a Smooth Move the more packed and organised you are the easier and quicker your move will be and in the end will save you money.

Do you have reliable trucks?

Yes all of our trucks are maintained to the highest standard we conduct regular services on all of our trucks twice a year by qualified mechanics

Do you charge depot to depot?

Yes we believe in fair charging so the staff get paid while travelling to and from your home, but when we get there we will get the job done quicker than anybody else.

Do you have all of the Removalist equipment required to complete my move?

Yes we have removalists Pads(thick blankets) to ensure everything is wrapped and padded. We have Trollies, Dollies, Tools and Ties.

Do I have to empty my draws of clothes?

It is recommended as the truck does bounce a bit on the road and if you leave things in the draws then the draws can break.

Do I have to empty my fridge and freezer?

Yes it is advisable

Can you transport my pot plants?

Yes we can just be aware to have no insects or toads or water in them. Also plants will take up a lot of room on the floor of the truck we cannot stack plants.

Can you take my gas bottle?

No it is illegal for us to take Gas Bottles as it is a dangerous goods item.

Can you take my lawn mower?

Yes but it needs to be clean and free of fuel.

Do you charge extra for heavy items like Pool Tables, Pianos, Marble Furniture, Commercial Gym Equipment?

Yes we have a heavy lift fee prices vary at time of booking.

Do I need to use proper Removalists Boxes?

Yes as we can stack them in the truck and fit more in plastic bags and plastic boxes are not advisable.

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