6 New Home Rituals From Around The World

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Moving into a new home is a big deal. In fact, all countries and cultures have different traditions that are supposed to bring luck and prosperity when you move into a new home. At A Smooth Move Removals, our removalists want our customers to find happiness in their new homes, so here are six interesting new home rituals from across the globe.

Let a cat enter first

In Russian culture, cats are a sign of good luck. They are said to sense good and bad energy. By allowing a cat to enter your home before anyone else enters you are ensuring that the house is filled with good energy.

Bring bread and salt

An old Scottish tradition, bread and salt represent two of the most basic pantry staples and are traditionally bought as housewarming gifts. Some even scatter salt throughout the home (particularly near doors and windows) to ward off evil spirits.

Scatter coins

In the Philippines it is traditional to sprinkle coins around your living room floor in order to bring financial fortune to a new home.

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6 new home rituals from around the world 1

Burn sage

An ancient Native American tradition, burning sage is said to remove bad energy from your home. A bundle of dry sage is lit and then starting at the front door, the new homeowner walks around the home clockwise, waving smoke in the air, paying close attention to corners and closets.

Buy new mops and brooms

This Ancient Chinese Feng Shui ritual is driven by the believe that bringing old cleaning utensils will carry over old dirt and troubles. Instead buy new mops and brooms and start fresh!

Pick a lucky moving day

Many cultures believe that selecting an auspicious day for your move. This can be based on numerology, the phase of the moon, the Hindu calendar, Chinese Almanac or your zodiac sign.


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