How to Quickly Disassemble Home Furniture Before Moving

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Moving house is a difficult and stressful task, especially if your furniture is bulky, heavy, or tough to manoeuvre.

It can be a nightmare, but you can make it easier by disassembling larger pieces of furniture.

Before you move, plan carefully.

How to disassemble furniture easily before moving house

1. Measure large pieces of furniture so that you can plan how to fit them into the moving truck. Start with fitting the solid items like the mattresses and the bed bases before you move to the dismantled pieces.

2. Decide which pieces need to be disassembled, because you probably don’t need to take apart all your furniture. Dining chairs can be stacked and cartons can be fitted in under the dining table.

3. Before starting to disassemble, get together all the tools you may need to do it.

This saves time.

Try getting a screwdriver with changeable heads; wrenches, bolt cutters, and a hammer as well as other tools that are essential for dismantling furniture.

4. Select a large space, a wide area, to disassemble the furniture.

Keep in mind that you should move only the furniture that is in good condition.

Remove the bed slats, detach the headboard, and unscrew the bedside tables from the bed frame.

Unscrew anything that is attached to your desk and remove any shelves or drawers.

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5. Keep plenty of zip lock bags to store small items like screws, nails, bolts, and other bits of pieces.

Label them so that you know which is to be used with what furniture you will reassemble in your new home.

6. Check manuals to learn how to dismantle your furniture. If you do not have hard copies try searching the net for instructions about difficult pieces.

7. Disassemble furniture only to the extent so that it can be moved, and focus on only the prime disassembly points.

8. Measure doorways, passages, staircases, and furniture items. If the latter can pass through those areas there is no need to disassemble them at all.

“The benefits of disassembly are that it minimizes large sizes and reduces the weight of individual pieces.”

If you disassemble the furniture yourself or maybe with the help of someone else you can save a lot of money.

If you’re planning your next big move, talk to our team of removalists Gold Coast who have vast experience in moving house.


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