How Do You Keep Frozen Food Frozen While Traveling?

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No matter if you are moving or just going on a road trip, you’d want your frozen foods frozen throughout the journey. Frozen foods get spoiled when the temperature gets higher. 

To transport your frozen food properly, you may need to spend some time finding the best option, preparing and finally doing it correctly. Skipping any of these can result in the frozen food getting spoiled and being unusable when it reaches the destination. 

Here are a few tips to help keep the frozen foods last longer while traveling. 

Pre-freeze Your Food Beforehand

Frozen foods stay that way as long as they are frozen before travelling.

They can reach the lowest temperature in 24-48 hours in the freezer.

So you may want them to stay in the freezer for at least a day before travelling.

Better yet, use a deep freezer than a standard freezer for better cooling. 

High-Quality Cooler 

There are many coolers available in the market, but you can differentiate the best ones through their insulation.

The high-quality coolers have good insulation allowing them to maintain the temperature for an extended period of time.

You may want to keep in mind that you get what you pay for with regards to coolers. 

Fill them with ice, and you are ready to pack your frozen food. 

Many of our removalists Gold Coast will store their own lunch in these cooler boxes on the day of their move, so they know first hand how well they work.

Cooler Bag

In the absence of a cooler, a cooler bag should be fine. They also work well in case you are short of space or do not have a lot of food.

Once again you want something of high quality to last the trip. 

Frozen foods can remain unspoiled and in pristine condition for days at a time provided that you prepare and pack the food properly.

Foods stored in low-quality bags do not last a long time, maybe just for a few hours, while a good one can keep food frozen for days when filled with ice. 

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Pre-chill Your Cooler

Expensive coolers with good insulation can also retain heat if left in a hot garage.

This can result in your ice melting and your food getting spoiled. 

Alternatively, pre-chill your cooler the day before your trip.

If possible, throw the entire cooler in a deep freezer.

Ice Packs

Supplement your ice blocks with ice packs. Ice packs stay frozen longer than ice blocks and ice cubes. So, it works to add a few ice packs to maintain the low temperature for the duration of the travel. 

For this to work, throw your ice packs in a freezer for a couple of days before your trip. 

Wrap it in Aluminium Foil

Another option for your frozen food to last longer is to wrap it in aluminium foil.

It insulates the container and prevents it from warming up. Combining the foil with a high-quality cooler ensures that your food remains frozen for days at a time. 

Keep these ideas in mind the next time you’re travelling with frozen food to ensure none of it ends in the bin!


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