How To Minimise Damage To Furniture When Moving House

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Moving is a labour-intensive process that requires attention-to-detail.

The biggest concern of many homeowners who move is the possibility of their belongings getting damaged during the process.

This is a very real fear to have as the slightest mistake can ruin your furniture or other possessions.

To ensure your furniture is moved safely, you’ll need to follow a few tips.

There several ways for you to protect your furniture while moving.

Most of them are only useful once the move is in progress.

So, to ensure your furniture is safe during your next move, you must prepare.

Preparation enables you to avoid many of the common downfalls experienced when moving.

Below, we’re going to give you a detailed breakdown of how to move your furniture safely.

Minimising damage to furniture when moving house

Before the movers arrive at your home, try to disassemble as much furniture as you can. This will assist in streamlining the entire moving process.

Also, it reduces the odds of your furniture becoming damaged during the move.

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Covering your furniture with plastic wrap is also another great way to reduce the odds of getting damaged during your move.

For more protection, try using multiple layers of plastic.

A plastic covering will also protect your walls from damage if your furniture comes in contact with them while being moved.

Wrapping your furniture in blankets and furniture pads is also useful.

Furniture pads and blankets completely eliminate the possibility of damage caused by abrasions while moving because they provide a thick protective layer.

Ensuring you move all your items safely

It’s also essential to check your movers who actually touch your furniture.

By making sure they don’t wear any attire than can scratch your furniture, you won’t have to worry too much during the moving process.

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Things like belt buckles, zippers, jewellery and other potentially abrasive objects can damage furniture easily during the move.

Don’t neglect the condition of your property when moving.

Make sure you only move items in a manner that is safe for both them and your home.

Using the proper moving equipment is also essential when transitioning from one home to the next.

People Also Ask

Q: How do I protect my furniture when moving house?

A: make sure all of your small items are bubble wrapped. It would help if you always used boxes when moving items. Following these tips will ensure that all your furniture is safe during your next move.

Q: How do you wrap wood furniture for moving?

A: use moving blankets, furniture wraps, and foam padding. All of these tools will protect your wood from being damaged while moving.

Q: Does shrink wrap damage furniture?

A: in certain circumstances, it can. Primary due to the fact that shrinkwrap traps moisture and melts quickly when exposed to heat.


Use all the information in this article to minimise the amount of damage your furniture incurs when being moved, or if you want to hire professional Gold Coast removalists who take care of all this for you, then you can call us!


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