Is your oversized furniture worth moving?

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Are oversized furniture keeping you stressed out when moving?

Moving into a new home is both exciting and stressful. On one hand, you have the opportunity to redesign, redecorate and start fresh. On the other hand, there’s the daunting task of moving furniture, appliances and other bulky items. One of the biggest questions on your mind may be; should you keep your oversized furniture or dispose of it? 

In this blog post, we will be discussing the pros and cons of keeping or disposing of oversized furniture when moving, specifically for homeowners in Australia.

Pros of Keeping Oversized Furniture When Moving

No cost of replacing oversized furniture.

By keeping your oversized furniture, you don’t need to worry about replacing the items if they’re needed in your new home. For example, if you have a large family or regularly host large dinner parties, your large dining table and all its chairs are something you will need in your new home. However, something like a piano may be something you rarely use and you may consider selling or donating to save moving.

Sentimental value of oversized furniture.

Sometimes oversized furniture can hold sentimental value. It could be a piece that’s been passed down from generation to generation or a statement piece that’s been with you for years. These types of furniture may be difficult to dispose of because of their sentimental value.

If you have a sentimental piece of furniture but you can’t bring it with you, it may be a case of storing it, rather than getting rid of it.

If this describes your situation, consider taking only your most precious oversized furniture and finding a creative way to repurpose it in the new space. You’ll be able to put your creativity to use and make it into something that you’ll love. Storage may also be an option for keeping sentimental furniture you don’t have a place for right now or can’t move.

is your oversized furniture worth moving? 1
is your oversized furniture worth moving? 1

Environmental factors.

Disposing of large furniture can be an environmental concern. Dumping oversized furniture in landfills can have harmful effects. On the other hand, if you choose to dispose of it mindfully, the furniture could be repurposed or recycled. Consider looking into recycling options, selling or donating the furniture to a charitable organisation. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint and keeps it out of landfills.

Comfort and design.

Your well-loved furniture has been sat in and used many, many times, meaning it’s likely ‘broken in’ and just the way you like it. Getting new furniture or replacements will mean starting that process all over again. Plus, these oversized items likely already fit in with your interior design and décor, meaning you’ll have to make that effort finding those perfect pieces of furniture all over again. 

Cons of Keeping Oversized Furniture When Moving

Difficult to move.

Oversized furniture can often be difficult to move, particularly if stairs or tight entrances are involved. This will often require special equipment and careful planning, something you may not have the time or patience to deal with, especially if you’re moving at the last minute. You’ll need to weigh up if the pros of keeping the oversized furniture outweigh the hassle of actually moving the item.

May not fit.

Your oversized furniture may fit in your current home, but will it fit in your new home? Oversized couches, shelves, pianos, dining tables, even beds, can sometimes work well in one space, but not in another, depending on the design and layout of the room and home.

Aside from oversized furniture fitting in the new room itself, you also need to consider if it will fit in the doorways and entrances, as well as up stairs or in lifts too. 

When considering whether to keep your oversized furniture when moving, be sure to measure your furniture and your new space to make sure it fits. There is nothing worse than going to the hassle of moving oversized furniture just to find it won’t fit or work in your new home.

May not match.

Will your oversized furniture suit your new home? If you have ornate oversized furniture in a lavish home, it may not suit a more minimalist home design. While you’ll have the hassle of buying new furniture, it may be the better alternative than having an eyesore that simply doesn’t fit into your new home’s style.

Costly to move.

That special equipment needed to move oversized furniture can cost quite a lot of money. You may also be paying for higher moving insurances, more removalists and the time it takes to safely move the furniture. Always let your removalist know about oversized furniture when you’re requesting a quote to ensure it’s covered and what it may set you back. 

is your oversized furniture worth moving? 2
is your oversized furniture worth moving? 2

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Oversized Furniture

How do I move a couch that won’t fit through the door?

Moving a couch that won’t fit through the door can be a challenging task as you try to navigate the opening without damaging the home or door. Some tips for moving a couch that won’t fit through a door include:
– Disassembling the couch and moving it through in smaller parts.
– Using furniture sliders to make it easier to move while protecting your floors.
– Removing the door frame to give you a few more centimetres. 
– Call a professional removalist who will know how to move oversized furniture safely and efficiently. 

Overall, moving a couch that won’t fit through the door requires careful planning and the right equipment. Disassembling the couch into smaller parts and using furniture sliders can make the move easier. If all else fails, consider hiring professional movers to ensure that your couch is moved safely and efficiently.

Should I hire professional movers for oversized furniture?

Hiring professional movers for oversized furniture can be a good option for those who want to ensure that their furniture is moved safely and efficiently. Professional movers have the experience and equipment to move large items, such as couches, dressers and other oversized furniture, without causing damage to the furniture or the home. They can also provide additional services, such as disassembling and reassembling furniture, and can provide the necessary equipment, such as dollies and furniture pads, to protect the furniture during the move. So, hiring professional movers can provide peace of mind and ensure that your oversized furniture is moved safely and efficiently.

How can I protect my oversized furniture during a move?

Protecting your oversized furniture during a move will help prevent damage to the furniture itself, as well as floors and walls. Delicate furniture, like couches and dining chairs, should be wrapped in two to three layers of plastic wrap to help protect upholstery and delicate surfaces, while padding and blankets can help protect harder surfaces, like tables. Disassembling furniture into smaller, more manageable pieces is also a good way to help protect oversized furniture during a move. 
One of the best ways to protect oversized furniture while moving is to use a removalist, like our team at Smooth Move Removals. Our team has years of experience in getting delicate and oversized furniture safely from point a to point b. 


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