Long Term Storage

A Smooth Move can handle your short term storage solutions, but what if you need your stuff stored away for longer than six months? A Smooth Move are not only among the Gold Coast’s top three removalists, we also offer affordable long term storage with the same dedication and professionalism that we give to our removals.

There are a number of good reasons to put your belongings in storage. Maybe you’ve moved into a smaller home and need a place to store the stuff you intend to sell? Maybe you’re going away for an extended period and need a place to store your goods at home? Maybe you’re just dealing with a lack of space? Whatever the case, A Smooth Move is dedicated to helping you secure your prized possessions away safely.

Three Best Rated have rated us among the top three removalists on the Gold Coast, based on our reviews, history, customer ratings, customer satisfaction etc. Based in the suburb of Helensvale, we provide services across the Gold Coast region as well as to Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Tweed Coast.

Our process is straightforward. We load your furniture onto one of our reliable trucks and take it to one of the containers at our very own depot in Helensvale. Once you’re ready to move it into your new place, we’ll reload it on the truck and deliver it to you. We can be with you every step of the process, right up until the moment when you’re settled into your new place and we’re driving off.

Why else should you look into our services for your long term storage needs? Well, there are a number of reasons:


The convenience of having a removals and a storage service all in one

Why pay for a removalists and then pay a completely different storage service to take care of your storage space needs? Not only can A Smooth Move do both, we also take pride in doing the tasks that you’d rather not. We understand that your possessions, whether personal or business-related, are precious to you and we treat them with the same importance that you do. If you need boxes and materials, we can help with those as well.


No job too big or too small

Just like we can take care of short-term or long-term storage, we can also handle both small and large moving jobs. It doesn’t matter if you’re only moving a handful of possessions for a small business or whether you have a whole home full of stuff to transport, we’re here to help.


Value for money

We think you’ll agree that for the quality of our service and the level of our dedication, A Smooth Move offer value for money. You can check out our Pricing page to see how much we charge for removals and rest assured that when it comes to storage, we’ll provide you with a deal you’ll be satisfied with too. To find out exactly how much it’ll cost for your Gold Coast storage situation, get in touch with us.


Knowledge of the Gold Coast

We know and love the Gold Coast and that’s why we want to offer value to locals and businesses in this beautiful part of the world. Based in Helensvale, we’re also active in suburbs like Arundel, Southport, Hope Island and Runaway Bay as well as the Tweed Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. For one of the most reliable kinds of storage space Gold Coast has on offer, get in touch with us.


Long-term storage tips

If you’ve decided to put your stuff in storage for the long haul, here are some tips:

* Carefully figure out how much stuff you need to store away.

* Purchase storage insurance to be on the safe side.

* Find a trusted person to check in on your belongings every so often. This person can even ship your goods to you while you’re away if necessary.

* Consider setting up a regular automatic direct debit payment for your storage rent.

* Take note of the office hours and the hours that you can access your storage facility and make sure you know how to access it.

* If using cardboard boxes to store your goods, make sure they’re sturdy and new.

* Before you put your things in storage, check for insects.

* Make copies of any important documents you intend to store.

* If you need help with any part of moving your items into storage, get in touch with us.

Get in touch with A Smooth Move for your long term storage requirements on the Gold Coast. We’re a highly rated local family-owned and operated business that you can count on.