Packing Boxes

If you’re looking to move home or office, you might be after some packing boxes to store your items securely during the relocation. Moving can feel pretty daunting, particularly when you’re looking around your home and wondering just how you’re meant to pack up your entire life! With access to a wide range of packing materials, you can be well-prepared for your move. Let A Smooth Move Removals assist you to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible!

At A Smooth Move Removals, we offer a range of packing boxes, to help you with your move. We can also supply you with a variety of packing accessories, as well as packing tape for your move. Below, we list the packing boxes we have available. Keeping reading to find out more about your removal options!


Large Tea Chest Carton

These boxes are versatile, and great for packing a variety of items, including those that are breakable or a little bit bulky. The Large Tea Chest boxes we stock are strong, twin cushion boxes, providing great protection for your items. Large Tea Chests can fit a lot of items within them, and are easy to stack for storage or removal.

Large Tea Chest boxes are made using 100 per cent recycled/environmentally-friendly cardboard, and are 100 per cent recyclable once you no longer have a use for them (which saves on waste!).

These cartons have a length of 431 millimetres, a width of 406 millimetres, and a height of 596 millimetres. They can hold 104 litres, and weigh 1.18 kilograms, when empty.


Medium Book Carton

Our Medium Book Cartons are great for moving items such as books, wine bottles that have been well-wrapped, and CDs, just as a few examples. This box is smaller than the Large Tea Chest Carton, with the Medium Book Cartons measuring in at 406 millimetres long, 298 millimetres wide, and 431 millimetres high.

These boxes are sturdy, and contain corrugated cardboard. They are best-suited for transporting smaller, non-delicate items during your move.


Large Full-Size Port-A-Robes

The Large Full-Size Port-A-Robes we stock are ideal for transporting clothing that you wish to remain hung up during your move. This includes items such as blazers and button up shirts. These boxes come with a hanging pole that allows clothing to remain hanging while in transit.


Buy back service

At A Smooth Move Removals, we will happily buy back your used cartons after you have completed your move. In order to qualify for the buy back service, please only write on the tape (rather than on the box). The amount you will be paid for each box depends on the type of cartons. If you would like to learn more about this buy back service, please don’t hesitate to contact our Gold Coast office on (07) 5574 5945.


How to calculate the number of boxes you will need

When moving, it can sometimes be tricky to work out just how many boxes you will need. You may underestimate, and find yourself short when packing last-minute items, close to moving day. Alternatively, you might overestimate the number of boxes needed, and find yourself with a bunch of unused boxes once you have completed packing.

Below, we have provided a table to help you get an idea of how many boxes you may require when moving, depending on the size of your home. We hope this can assist you in getting a gauge on the number of boxes you may need for your move.




1 Bedroom Unit 10 – 20
2 Bedroom Unit 20 – 25
3 Bedroom Unit 25 – 40
2 Bedroom House 20 – 30
3 Bedroom House 30 – 40
4 Bedroom House 50 – 60
5 Bedroom House 60 – 70
6 Bedroom House 70 – 80


At A Smooth Move Removals, we offer a range of packing boxes to help you with your packing and relocation needs. It is our goal to ensure your removal experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible, and this includes providing a range of packing accessories (along with our removal services). Whether you’re after a portable closet, or a large, heavy-duty box, we can assist you! If you would like to find out more, reach out and get in touch with us today!