Packing Tape

When packing your items, getting ready for the big move day, it’s important that you don’t forget the accessory used to hold your boxes together: tape! Packing tape can help ensure your boxes remain closed for the duration of their journey, thus meaning your items stay safe and secure (rather than spilling out!).

At A Smooth Move Removals, we want to ensure your whole moving experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. This mission means we don’t only offer removalist services to relocate your items and furniture from A to B, but also have a range of packing materials to assist you during your move.

We stock a variety of packing materials, including packing boxes, packing tape, and various other packing accessories. Below, we take a look at the tape we stock at A Smooth Move Removals, as well as some of the benefits of securing your boxes with tape. Keep reading to find out more about tape!


Premium Roll Tape

This is the only tape we sell, and we believe in its quality. We sell this Premium Roll Tape for $5 per roll, and each roll contains 75 metres. It would take a lot of boxes to finish that up! The Premium Roll Tape we stock can be used for securing the tops and bottoms of boxes, once packed. This helps to keep your items secured in their boxes during their travels.


How far does 75 metres of tape stretch?

We often hear numbers and measurements thrown around, and it can be difficult to put it into a perspective that we can fathom. Each roll of our Premium Roll Tape is 75 metres long, but what does that look like, exactly?

75 metres is an Olympic-sized swimming pool, with half itself again, attached. It’s nearly 100 average human steps (98.43, to be precise). 75 metres is also about 4/5 the height of London’s Big Ben, and 4/5 the size of the Statue of Liberty in New York. That’s a pretty good amount of tape for packing.


Why not just use regular sticky tape?

You may be looking at the tape you use for wrapping presents, thinking “but couldn’t I just use this for packing?”. The short answer is yes, but packing tape is a lot stronger and thicker than regular packing tape, plus it’s designed for the exact purpose of sealing packing boxes. While you probably could seal your boxes with lots and lots of common sticky tape, it’s not recommended (and particularly not for boxes that are carrying delicate or fragile items!).


Why not just forgo the tape?

Maybe you’re thinking there’s not much point to packing tape. After all, don’t most boxes just let you fold them in a certain way so that they stay closed? While a lot of boxes do allow you to assemble them in such a way that they have a secure base, it is still important to reinforce this base with tape, to ensure the box stays together (particularly when it is going to be moved from one location to another). We also recommend placing packing tap across the top of a box to hold it closed, and your items safely inside.

For our buy back service, we ask our clients to please only write on the tape, rather than on the box. Tape allows you to label your boxes, with things such as the room the box belongs in, and the content it contains.


Not just for boxes!

When moving, tape doesn’t necessarily have to just be for boxes. Some other examples where you could use tape include covering surrounding photographs and paintings with bubble wrap, and securing the bubble wrap with tape. Tape can be used to secure a selection of different packaging and cushioning materials, that can help to give your items that extra bit of protection while they’re in transit.

As with the boxes, tape can also be used to easily label various standalone items, either explaining what they are (if they’re wrapped up), or stating which room you wish for them to be placed in. By writing the desired location of the boxes or items, you can help our removalists to know where to place your items in your new place.

Tape has many uses when it comes to moving time! At A Smooth Move Removals, we offer packing tape to help you with your packing and relocation needs. It is our goal to ensure your removal experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible, and this includes providing a range of packing accessories (along with our removal services). If you would like to find out more, reach out and get in touch with us today!