Short Term Storage

There are many good reasons why you may want to put your stuff in short term storage. Maybe you need to move out of your current office or residence but your next one isn’t available quite yet? Maybe you need somewhere to put valuable items before you can sell them off? Or maybe you just need some extra space? Most of the time, anything less than three months’ storage is considered short term. A Smooth Move can offer short term storage for both individuals and businesses on the Gold Coast and its surroundings.

A Smooth Move can give you one of the most secure and reliable kinds of storage space Gold Coast has to offer. Three Best Rated has rated us one of the top three removalists on the Gold Coast and we take just as much care and pride in storing your belongings as we do in moving them.

We’re based in the Gold Coast suburb of Helensvale where we have our own secure storage containers. When you organise to move with us, we can load your furniture and other possessions onto one of our reliable trucks and unload it into one of the containers at our depot. When you’re ready to move into your new home or office, we will reload it onto the truck and deliver it to your new place. If you like, we can also bring a 20-foot container to your home, load it for you, take the container to our depot and then when you’re ready we’ll deliver the container to your new place and unload it there.

Read on to find out more about why you should let us take care of your storage needs:


We’re versatile, taking care of both the moving of your goods and the storage of them with professionalism

If you already know that some of your stuff is going to be put in storage, why hire a removalist and then a separate storage company to handle the issue? One of the strengths of A Smooth Move is how versatile we are and how many of your needs we can meet. We go the extra mile for our clients. While we’re among the best removalists that Southeast Queensland has to offer, we also provide storage and even offer boxes and materials. All in all, we’re you’re one-stop shop for moving.


No job too big or too small, short-term and long-term storage

One of our business credos is “no job too big or too small” and that applies to storage too. Whether you have a tonne of stuff to store or just a few select possessions you want to store away for safekeeping, we have the facilities to meet your storage needs. Your belongings are as important to us as they are to you, and as industry professionals we know how to transport and how to store your belongings so they’re taken care of. We’re seasoned business people, so we realise how important your tools of the trade are. And if you’re storing business supplies, we’ll take good care of them so you can get back to using them as quickly as possible.


We know the Gold Coast well and service the region and its surrounding areas

We service the Gold Coast including the suburbs of Helensvale, Hope Island, Runaway Bay and Southport, as well as Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Tweed Coast. We know this part of the world well and our knowledge helps us to take your possessions to your new destination smoothly and efficiently, as soon as you’re ready to pick it up from storage. We’ve been in the area for decades, so who better to trust with your Gold Coast storage needs?


We offer value for money

Check out our Pricing page and you’ll see how reasonable our prices for removals are. What about our prices for storage? Get in touch with us and we think you’ll find we charge a reasonable rate for keeping your possessions safe.


Short-term storage tips

* If you’re putting your stuff in a storage unit, stack it in boxes along the walls of the unit and make as much use of the vertical space as you can. Essentially you want to leave an “aisle” or a walk-through spot through the storage unit so you can come and go quickly, picking up what you need while you’re there.

* Take good care of your fragile items and wrap them up adequately. If you plan on moving them a lot within a fairly short amount of time, you don’t want them to get damaged in the process.

If you need short term storage, why not get in touch with A Smooth Move, a family-owned and operated business of removalists in the Gold Coast region?