Small Removals

Sometimes good things come in small packages and something so tiny can mean so much to you. Maybe you have a precious piece of jewellery that’s been in your family for generations and that it’s impossible to replace? Maybe your child has a favourite toy that she or he would be devastated to lose? Or maybe it’s not your items which are small but the size of the move itself, because you’ve decided to keep your possessions to the bare minimum? Whatever the case, there’s no job too big or too small for A Smooth Move. We’re one of the Gold Coast’s top removalists and specialists in small removals – as well as removals of every other size. Whether you’re moving small goods or the move itself is only a small one, you can count on us to make it smooth.

A Smooth Move are a team of removalists that care, and we aim to ensure that your move – whatever it’s size – is a smooth one. We offer our services throughout the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, the Tweed Coast and the city of Brisbane, helping to turn your new house into the home you’ve always dreamt of.

There are several reasons why you should hire us to be your specialists in small removals:


No job is too large or too small

While our team has the know-how, the experience and the tools to transport large loads over long distances, we can easily take care of smaller tasks too. Even if you only have a few prized possessions that you’re moving a short distance across town, we know how to arrange them in the truck so that they’re safe, secure and will get to your destination undamaged. As well as being a top-notch removalist company, we also provide materials, boxes and storage services so that your precious small items are safely stored away and no harm will come to them, no matter how bumpy the road.


We have a reputation for being highly competent and professional

Three Best Rated is a website with a mission to find the highest-rated businesses and professionals in any given area. Their 50-point assessment system takes into account a business’s reviews, ratings, history, cost and more. They rated A Smooth Move one of their three best removalists on the Gold Coast.

But they’re not the only ones who think so. Our Testimonials page has plenty of reviews from satisfied customers. Our team love what they do and their enthusiasm stays high even if they’re just moving a few items across town.


Customer service is one of our strong suits

A Smooth Move aim to be with you every step of the way of your moving journey, from the moment you open the door to meet us to the moment you wave goodbye at your new place.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile when other removalists can’t or won’t, whether that means providing extra materials for your goods or doing the thankless menial tasks you’d rather skip over. Our management have been in the business of furniture removals for ten years and the customer service industry for close to twenty, so it’s no surprise we’re some of the friendliest removalists Gold Coast has to offer.


We won’t break the bank

As far as a removalist company goes, we think we’re pretty affordable for the expertise, dedication, professionalism and range of services we have on offer. We won’t skimp on safety or give you any kind of rush job, but we also won’t clean out your bank account with our services. But don’t just take our word for it: visit our Pricing page to see how we compare to your expectations and to other removalists on the Gold Coast.


Tips for preparing for small moves

Whether it’s a quick move with only a few items or a careful transportation of your small possessions, we’re already ready to go. But there are a few things you can do to prepare for our arrival:

* Hire out a moving container that doubles as a storage unit. You can fit a decent number of small items in these, and their ease of storage makes them handy for apartments or share accommodation.

* Pack up as much of your stuff as possible before we get here, making sure that your small items are secure.

* Proper removalist boxes are preferable because we can stack them in the truck. Plastic boxes are not ideal.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to turn to A Smooth Move for your small removals. We’re a family owned and operated Gold Coast business dedicated to taking your goods where they need to be. No job is too big or too small for us to apply our skill and care.