5 Reasons to Use a Storage Facility When Moving

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Moving can be stressful enough without worrying about items going missing, ensuring you have everything out in time or even getting damaged while renovating.

Using a storage facility when moving can save you time and money. Your items will be safe, protected and there whenever you need them, including if you need some time to settle in before moving big furniture back in.

These are 5 other benefits of using a storage unit before, during or after moving to make your life easier.

5 Benefits of Using a Storage Facility When Moving

Declutter your house when selling.

A minimalist home can help potential buyers better visualise their own belongings in the home. So, using a storage facility when selling can help you declutter your home and create that minimalist vibe.

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When deciding what to keep and what to store, the rule of thumb is keep anything you use regularly and store anything that is simply being ‘stored’ in the house. This may include seasonal wardrobes, excess furniture in dining, living and spare rooms, knick-knacks, and any large kitchen appliances you don’t use often.

Remember to look at any sheds, garages or storage spaces in your home to make sure they’re looking neat and tidy too. Anything can be stored securely these days, so take advantage of it!

Keep belongings out of the way while renovating.

Renovating can be messy. If you’re living in the home you’re renovating, using a storage facility allows you to keep any high-value or easily damaged items safe while there is dust, paint and tools in the air.

Storing large furniture, like dining tables, bed frames, book shelves and pianos while you renovate not only keeps the items safe, but also saves you moving them around every time you need to access a wall, floor or ceiling they block.

You can even store jet skis, trailers and other vehicles to give you more space for tools and equipment in your garage or shed. It will mean you have space for your renovation tools and materials that are out of the weather and away from unwelcome hands!

Protect your high-value items while you move.

If you’re selling your home, you’re going to have people in and out of your house quite regularly. Unfortunately, it may mean items could go missing, like easy-to-conceal jewellery, décor, technology or anything else easily pinched.

Even on moving day, it’s likely you’ll have doors wide open, which makes it easier for unwelcome guests to slip in and out without anyone noticing. Knowing there is nothing of easy-to-grab or high-value nature in your home will help give you peace of mind.

Most storage facilities have top-notch security, CCTV and secure doors to keep anything you need stored as safe as possible. It provides a nice, safe place for you to keep your valuables while you’re selling and while you move.

Get organised for unspecified moving dates.

In an ideal world, we would always know the exact date of moving in and out of houses (and commercial properties). But sometimes we don’t know the exact date we need to be in and out of a property until the last minute.

If you’re not sure when you’re moving, using a storage facility to store heavy or bulky items can help you get organised.

Then, if you only have a few days to move, you can simply get what items are left, clean and be out. This can even be handy for moving commercial premises for storing any file cabinets, stock and more.

Store seasonal vehicles and larger items.

Using a storage facility when moving for any machinery and equipment can save you so much stress. If things don’t go to plan or you find you don’t have enough space, having your ‘spare’ or seasonal vehicles, like jet skis, boats or extra cars, already in storage can stop you from getting annoying or more stressed than you need to be.

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Storage Facilities a Great for Both Home & Business Moves

Whether you’re moving home, office, factory or warehouse, a storage unit can come in very handy. Most storage facilities offer both short-term and long-term options, and will even pick-up and delivery your items, if they have a removal service.


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