7 Signs That it’s Time to Move House

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According to a poll by FiveThirtyEight, an average person moves 11.4 times in their life. 

Moving can definitely be exhausting, but so is the monotonous life you would have if you stayed in the same place for years. 

If you’re thinking of moving house, here are 7 signs that the universe is telling you that it’s time for a change of scene.

1. Your House Seems Empty/Cramped

While your home seemed perfect for the two of you, it may not be the same when you have a baby or an aged parent living with you. 

Look around!

Do you feel like you’re tripping over something every time you turn around? 

Does everything seem cramped? 

This is the telltale sign that it is time to move homes. 

On the other hand, you may have a case of empty nest. 

While it seemed smart to have a larger home with the kids around, it may not be so now that everyone is off doing their thing. 

Cleaning and maintaining a large space is a difficult task. 

Moving to a smaller home can actually gives you a sense of freedom and allows you to have some extra cash in hand too!

2. The Neighbourhood Doesn’t Suit Your Needs

It may have made sense to move to your current neighbourhood when schools weren’t in the picture. 

But now you may want to move to a better district, one that has a higher ranked school. 

The school you choose should be the right fit for your children so you may have to do a lot of school tours and research before you settle on the right one. 

Not only will the move end up being beneficial for your kids, but the property value will also likely increases over the years.

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3. Too Many Memories

Memories are not always a good thing. 

If you have experienced split from a partner or a loved one’s death, the memories can sometimes become oppressive. 

Even the neighbourhood may bring back memories that you’re trying hard to forget. 

Moving homes gets you out of the rut and gives you a fresh start in life. 

By moving houses, you can make new memories in a new environment. 

4. Your House Seems Old Fashioned

Your house would be quite old fashioned after all these years unless you have done some major renovations.  

If that’s the case, you may want to upgrade your home and move somewhere, especially now that your financial situation allows you. 

Amenities like a modern kitchen, swimming pool, ducated AC, built-in closets and more may be lacking from your current home. 

Renovations may take time and cost a lot. 

In this case, moving home could be a better option. 

5. The Commute is Killing You

According to CNN, a longer commute can bring about a decline in your health, because among other things, longer commutes can be extremely stressful!

Moving closer to your work give you more time to be with your family and a better quality of life. 

Not only will you save on your fuel expenses, but you’ll also avoid unnecessary stress and live a longer happier life!

6. Want to be Close to Family

Being in a city closer to all the hotspots may have been attractive, but as the days go by, being closer to your family becomes a priority. 

As your parents’ age, you want to be closer to them and be able to help out when needed. 

On the other hand, your move may also be due to your partner’s job. 

While these are not anticipated moves, it is better to go with the flow rather than resist change. 

7. Change in Scenery

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery from your current life. 

Many move into suburban neighbourhoods for this reason where you can easily fall in love with the space, the garden and the quiet life. 

On the other hand, you may actually want to move closer to amenities, restaurants and hospitals. 


Moving home can break the stagnancy you’re experiencing in your life and bring a sense of excitement. 

But you may not be aware of the need to move unless you recognise the signs. 

They can be something obvious like feeling cramped at home, or subtle like the need to be with family. 

When you’re ready to take the leap and make a fresh start, our Gold Coast removalists will be ready to help you.


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