How To Organise Your New Home

Couple move to new house

Your removalists have dropped off your belongings at your home, so, what next? This part can seem pretty exciting; deciding where the sofa goes or working out what lives where, but many people move past the initial excitement and packing away can become a little less organised.

Stop! Step back! Take a break! Moving in to a new house is the perfect time to lay the foundations for a neat and organised home.

We’ve provided some tips for unpacking and organising your new space.

The kitchen

Your kitchen can run like a well-oiled machine.

Take some time to organise and categorise workstations and cupboard space.

There’s no point having the coffee mugs on the other side of the kitchen from the coffee and the kettle, and likewise, keeping pots and pans in close proximity to the oven and stovetop will make your kitchen run more smoothly.

The bathroom

Keeping your bathroom worksurfaces clear will not only look better but make cleaning a lot easier.

By organising your cupboard space, you can keep your worktops clear.

bathroom basin
how to organise your new home 1

Add in shower caddies, shelves, toilet roll holders and categorise your toiletries for storage, this will alleviate any rooting around to find the products you need and doubling up.

Try and categorise by: make up, hair products, dental hygiene, medicines, cleaning products and hardware.

Kids stuff

By sorting your children’s toys and putting them into categories, they don’t have to pull everything out to find their colouring pencils or action heroes.

Try and have zones in your home and assign drawers for them to return items to once they’ve finished playing.

The key is storage

The key to an organised home is storage.

If items can be easily stored, easily accessible, and easily returned to the same place then you have a successful storage system.

storage cupboards
how to organise your new home 2

Ensure you have adequate storage for your belongings, you can visit your local storage provider and see how being organised can lead to a happier home.

Naturally it makes this process much easier if you’ve organised your belongings before you move.


When the removalists from A Smooth Move Removals drop your belongings at your Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Brisbane home be ready with ample storage and a plan of attack. Tackle each room at a time and enjoy a more organised home.


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