Tips For Organised Packing For Home Removal

Portrait Of Happy Couple Resting On Sofa Surrounded By Boxes In New Home On Moving Day

When it comes to relocating your home, the huge pile of tasks doesn’t seem less important than slaying the many headed Hydra like Hercules. Moving itself is a many headed hydra you need to slay fast and efficiently, it’s a herculean task for anyone indeed!

The first thing you worry about is putting your whole life in some packing boxes when you decide to move. It is a daunting task to keep track of a house full of stuff and to take them to another place and still finding them when you need.

We tried to create some tips for you to make this messy job more organised:

Nothing comes before a list

First and foremost make a list of all your things and the order of packing. You will pack the things you need most last and the things you barely use (Like the piano or your silver cutlery set you saved for a fancy dinner) will be packed first.

Check out our handy moving house checklist!

Make room, remove clutter

Some birds save things in their nests, but we are not birds! Taking unnecessary things when relocating puts unnecessary pressure on us.

Decide what you really need, you will REALLY use in near future and what are the things that will never be used or already lost its utility.

You can sell or give away old clothes, books, toys that are in good condition to people who need them, and throw away the stuff that is not reusable and just collecting dust sitting in your home or storage.

Get the essentials

Buy the essential packing stuff. Do not overdo or underdo it.

Be sure of the amount of stuff you are taking with you and buy the packing supplies as needed.

box with styrofoam
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There are removalist companies who can give you an estimate of the packing materials you need after inspecting your place.

You can get help from them.

Look for help

There are professional moving companies who does the dirty work for you. They provide packing materials for buying and pack your stuff for you.

After moving your home, they will unpack your stuff and buy the packing materials back from you.

Internet research and calling people locally will help you find such a removalist company.

Put heavy stuff in small boxes

Use big boxes for lighter things and small boxes to carry heavy stuff.

You or the movers can’t lug around a big box of books, rather stuff the big boxes with pillows and cushions and stuff small boxes with books and glassware.

Extra care for your fragile goods

Take extra care to pack your fragile and easily damageable possessions.

Pack the glassware carefully with bubble wrap, clothes or paper to create cushioning and prevent breaking.

packing dinnerware to the boxes
tips for organised packing for home removal 2

Put dishes horizontally in the boxes instead of just placing them vertically in the box.

Get professional help to pack heavy and fragile things like your piano, a chandelier or things like that.

Numbers and labels everywhere

Put numbers and labels on each box to make sure the right box goes in the right room when you reach your new home.

Have a talk with the movers before hand about that.

Pack a box of essentials that you will immediately need after the move and keep it in the car with yourself.

It is also a good idea to pack a personal overnight bag in case you are moving too far and will not have enough time to unpack for clothes and essentials immediately after moving.


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