Money Saving Tips for New Homeowners

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Buying your first home is expensive. Not only do you need to pay the deposit on your home, you must also cover a range of other upfront costs, including: LMI, conveyancing fees, building and pest inspections and property research and valuations. Here our removalists will give you some helpful tips to save money as new homeowners.

If you also need tips on how to reduce the cost of actually moving your furniture, check out this article.

Turn old into new

Most first home buyers are a bit light on furniture.

While it can be tempting to go out and buy brand new furniture, try to resist.

If you want to save money contact family and friends and see if they have any old furniture they are happy to give you.

Failing this, shop around at second hand stores or op shops and see if you can score some second-hand furniture.

Remember you can always bring new life to these hand-me-downs with a lick of paint, varnish, or new handles.

Become a DIY master

While it might seem overwhelming at first, DIY is a great way to save yourself money while making your house feel more like a home.

Walls need a fresh coast of paint? Do it yourself.

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Need a few new plants or flowers to freshen up the garden? Do it yourself.

Driveway or deck need water blasting? Do it yourself.

Once you get started you’ll wonder why you ever paid people do the work for you.

Find the right insurance

Do your research when it comes to home and contents insurance.

You want to ensure that you are covered if something bad was to happen, but at the same time, you don’t want to be paying for cover that you don’t need.

One thing that you should never skimp on, however, is professional removalists.

While you might consider hiring a truck and moving yourself, this can result in damaged furniture, additional stress and possible injury.

Professional removalists have the tools, knowledge and training to move your furniture and belongings safely and securely.

If you are looking for professional yet affordable removalists, then contact A Smooth Move Removals today.


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