Advice To Reduce Your Moving Cost

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Breaking the bank is not expected when you are moving. Most moving projects people have are on a budget. Your goal is to get all your stuff packed and out of your old place, take them to the new place and unpack them without spending too much money on the process.

What can you do to move successfully without dropping too much cash? Here are some advice:

Research on removalists

Avoiding hiring movers do not necessarily reduce moving cost. We advise you to find a moving company.

You should do some background research before finding the right movers.

Get estimates from at least 3 removalists and compare your options.

Professional removalist are fast, shows up on time, takes good care of your heavy and fragile possessions, use special tools to handle the packing and causes no or minimal damage to your things because they are skilled and experienced.

Some movers bring their own truck and packing materials that saves your money in the long run.

So think thoroughly before you hire removalists and go for the one who has good reviews and is professional.

Save on packing materials

You can save on packing materials by collecting old packing boxes from work or acquaintances, or using saved up old packing boxes.

Some removalists have a system of selling packing boxes and buying them back after the move.

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It is a good deal and saves you money, so you may consider finding a moving company who offers this service.

Pick the non-peak hour

To reduce moving costs, move in the non peak time of the year.

Usually moving demands amp up in the summer, because kids are on vacation in summer and parents try to move before school starts.

Pick a time that is not the rush hour of relocation.

Also, a mid-month move will save you money as movers are most busy at the beginning and end of the month.

Get rid of clutter

Taking unnecessary extra stuff with you to the new home will raise the moving costs.

Throw away, give away or sell old stuff you won’t need anymore.

Have a garage sale if you need to, that will bring you some extra money (in addition to save the moving cost).

If you are moving cross country, selling old possessions and furniture is going to help take off the stress in a huge amount.

Label, Label, Label

You don’t want to spend extra money buying things you already have, right?

box labels
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To avoid that, make sure you label everything properly so nothing gets lost.

Write what is inside the box on the tape, and add which room it goes to (like ‘Glassware, Kitchen).

Ship your things

If you’re moving out of country or too far, ship your stuff like books and extra clothes to save moving cost.

Pack books in small square boxes so they are easier to be carried.

Though these things will reach your new home much later, you are avoiding the stress of carrying them.

Besides doing things stated above, get the right estimates from the movers to avoid paying hidden costs on the moving day.

Set up cables, internets and utilities in your new home carefully to avoid paying for the old place and the new place too.

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Plan your moving strategically, choose A Smooth Move Removals as your removalists.


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