Your Home Moving Checklist

Couple moving into new house

At A Smooth Move Removals people think we’re crazy, we love moving. We believe every move is a fresh start, so why not get packing and embrace the moving process.

Whether you are moving down the road on the Gold Coast, up to the Sunshine Coast or you’ve opted for city life in Brisbane, your moving checklist will help prepare you for the big day.

If you’re moving a commercial office space here are some extra things you need to know.

Two months before moving house

  • Call A Smooth Move Removals and book in your removal service.
  • Organise all your belongings and declutter where possible; call A Smooth Move Removals and organise how many boxes you need. You might want to pick at least a portion of the boxes up to make a start on packing.
  • Let all your service providers know you are moving. Give notice to disable current services and to engage services at your new premises.
making a phone call
your home moving checklist 1
  • Start organising your belongings and declutter where possible.
  • If you are moving to a new area talk to the local schools about enrolment if you have children of school age.

One month moving house

  • Keep packing your belongings where possible.
  • Start the cleaning process; clean marks from walls where possible, clean the oven, clean cupboards out as you empty them.
  • Bubble wrap your fragile items.
wrapping fragile thing sin bubble wrap
your home moving checklist 2
  • Change your address details with service providers, banks, and correspondents.
  • Collect your new keys.
  • Organise your bond cleaners or moving out cleaner.
  • Organise leave with your employer should you need time off to move.

Week prior to moving house

  • Redirect your mail
  • Organise babysitters or sleepovers with the grandparents for any kids.
  • Confirm A Smooth Move Removals and give them any updated information.
  • Organise overnight bags for moving day.
  • Clean out any white goods.
  • Set aside any essentials that you need and pack as much as possible.
  • Organise for the new place to be cleaned prior to moving in.

Moving day

  • Pack your last remaining items.
  • Ensure all boxes are labelled.
  • Defrost your fridge freezer.
longboard and backpack on a bench.
your home moving checklist 3
  • Put all your nuts, bolts, controllers and tools in one place so they are easily accessible.
  • Say your goodbyes, because it’s time to go. Leave your keys behind and take all the kids, pets and belongings with you.


A Smooth Move Removals is available for all your home removals on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane. Call us and speak with our friendly team of professionals.


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