Top 4 Fears People Have When Moving House

Fearful woman

Anxiety and fear grip people’s mind at the thought of relocating and a different kind of FOMO hits them.

In this case, it’s not Fear Of Missing Out.

It is the Fear Of Moving Out.

Besides feeling nervous about adapting to newer surroundings or missing friends, here are the top four fears people have while moving houses.

1. Damage to Possessions

Pack and stack in a box or sack and hope it’s intact when you finally unpack.

We care about our belongings so moving them without any damage is the biggest challenge.

Giving total charge to packers and movers might not always be a wise option.

They go about the task mechanically and might dump everything into boxes without care.

There’s the added risk of packing and moving fragile items because they require extra care and attention.

Many times, owners find their prized possessions in tatters while unpacking.

To avoid these issues it’s important to pre-plan and pre-pack your belongings rather than trying to race to stick everything into boxes while your furniture removalists are already shifting things into the truck.

Monitor closely while the packers are at work to ensure minimal damage, and as a final layer of protection, consider purchasing moving insurance as an extra precautionary measure.

2. Theft of Belongings

“We lost everything!”

A few years back, Birmingham police arrested a ‘removal man’ on suspicion of theft of goods.

It was worth over 10,000 pounds.

A UK couple hired him on the recommendation of a friend and paid a hefty price for not checking his credentials.

police car on the street
top 4 fears people have when moving house 1

These are just a few passing examples but such daylight robbery is on the rise.

Don’t panic & choose wisely.

It’s essential to opt for a reliable mover even if you have to pay slightly on the higher side.

If you do that, rest assured your belongings will reach their desintation safely.

3. High Moving Costs

Many removalists purposely delay the process or go slow to increase moving costs.

Some companies provide you with a reasonable quote and hike up the price at the last moment.

It’s difficult to find an alternate option on moving day.

They force you to succumb and pay those exorbitant charges.

There’s also the fear of scams.

Rogue movers load their trucks with your belongings and then demand a ransom.

They hold your possessions hostage and release them only after receiving payment.

Always watch out for the red flags before choosing a moving company.

Spare some time and do a bit of homework to ensure your belongings are in safe hands.

4. Small Trucks, Multiple Trips

Some moving companies find creative ways to charge you more.

Bringing in small trucks is one such method.

The smaller the truck, the higher the number of trips which takes more time and therefore costs more.

It is also a time-consuming process and leaves you exhausted by the end of the day.

Fear Of Moving Out is inevitable.

However, proper research and planning will help you select a high quality removalist (like us) and will ensure your next move runs smoothly.


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