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Relocating from one place to another seems like a challenge, it’s messy, it’s stressful and it’s time consuming, not to mention it’s also costly! There is not a lot of people who actually like to move around a lot, except maybe removalists themselves. That is what differentiates professional removalists from laymen; they love what they do, hence they are good at it. When you choose between whether to hire a removalist or do the moving yourself, our advice is to go for hiring the removalists.

Why, you ask? We have answers right here:

They have the right equipment

Movers have the right tools to dismantle and reassemble your furniture. Not everyone has the Philip head screwdriver or small hex wrench to take the bedroom set apart and rebuild it after moving. Removalists have all these tools that ensures the safety and minimal damage to your possessions. Good moving companies also offers to sell all the moving essentials such as packing boxes, wraps, tapes, chair covers, ropes etc. and sometimes buys back the boxes after your move. Pretty good deal if you are looking to reduce moving costs, right?

They’re experienced professionals

Since you are moving, we don’t even have to guess what a hectic time you’re passing each day. There might not be enough time in your hands to do an organised moving. Professional removalists have that time in their hands, because this is their job and they have done it over and over, gathering a lot of experience.

They take care of your valuables

Professional movers take care of your valuable possessions. It is really difficult to pack valuable and heavy object when you are DIY-ing the move. Experienced movers can do it better than you because they know how to handle which object and how not to damage anything. So don’t break bones trying to move your grandfather clock or the antique piano, just leave it to the professionals.

They give you FREE quotes

Professional movers will give you free quotes. That is advice you do not have to pay for, but something that will help you to get an estimate of the cost and resources you will need to execute the relocation. This is very helpful for money and time management, plus making other plans during the move.

They pack your stuff and unpacks them too

Unpacking after the move is just as stressful as packing. Professional movers do both for you. It should be noted that you need to sort through your things and decide what are going to be packed and what are not before the movers come to pack. They don’t know what are important or unimportant to you, but once you select what to take and inform them, they are going to do hell of a good job packing!

If you are trying to find helpers for a move, you know how difficult it is to find people who wants to use their muscles to move around your boxes! You can solve this problem by hiring removalists from A Smooth Move Removals. They are a family owned moving company working in Gold Coast, Tweed Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas; who are reliable and trustworthy and can do your complete relocation at a competitive price.

Reconsider doing the relocation yourself and give hiring movers a thought. You won’t regret choosing A Smooth Move Removals.


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