What’s the best time of year to move?

Couple moving to a new home.

A move is a time-consuming process that goes on over a period of weeks, if not months.

Every aspect of moving house has to be meticulously planned so that on the day of the actual move, the process happens efficiently. 

You don’t always get the luxury to plan every step way ahead of time, but if you do have time to prepare, you must know the best time of the year to plan your move.

Best time to move house

Climate wise, the best time to move is spring and fall season due to the mild temperatures and transitional nature. 

However, it depends on the location and various other factors:


Climate is somewhat of a dealbreaker when you plan your move. 

Winter with the snowfall and freezing temperatures and monsoon with the torrential rains are entirely out of the picture if you are looking for a smooth, tension-free transition. 

Luckily when moving house on the Gold Coast, we don’t tend to suffer from those seasonal events.

Here are some of the localist considerations…


Spring and fall are the ideal seasons since they are not too hot, and there’s a minimal threat of rain to spoil your travel and move. 

They are also off-seasons and not so busy months for furniture removalists; hence you may be able to pick a specific day you want to move. 

The disadvantage of these months is that they are in the middle of the school year so, it can be disruptive to their academic activities.


Summers, although hot and steamy are most preferred for many reasons, the most important being the summer holidays when there is no interruption to the school routine. 

But depending on your location, the oppressive heat may hinder your move, making it a very uncomfortable process.

The issue at hand is that you may have to sacrifice your summer plans and holidays in preparation for your move. 

In addition, many other people also want to move into their new house before the Christmas holidays, meaning that it may be quite challenging to move house on the date of your choosing.


If you have kids in school, you may want to plan the move so that they do not miss school. 

If that’s the case then summer months are your best option for moving house. 

Your kids can start year without missing school time or transitioning in the middle of the school term. 

The downside to this is that the summer holidays are the busy times for Gold Coast Removalists

family with kids moving house unpacking boxes in new flat
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Unless you have a job already sorted out, this may be an additional factor you need to consider. 

According to Aussian, the months between January to March and June to August are the busiest months of the year for recruiters with an influx of immigrants. Though that may have changed now due to the pandemic shutting down international borders.


Weekends may sound like a better option since your move can happen without disrupting your routine. 

But they are also the busier days for removalists and the rates will likely reflect that. 

If you are looking for a lower rate, you might look at the possibility of moving during week. 


As with anything there are pros and cons when moving at any time of the year. If you need some extra advice when it comes to moving house, feel free to contact our expert removalist team.


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