A Checklist you Must Follow for Long-Distance Move

People loading a truck on moving day

Moving house, especially a long distance away, is stressful.

It costs money, takes time, and causes disruption in one’s life especially since you’ll be leaving your comfort zone.

However it can be stress-free and smooth, if you have impeccable planning and time management.

The more time you allocate to moving house, the less there will be any cause for stress at the time of moving.

Creating a checklist of all the essential things to do before the relocation is the first step to meeting the challenge of moving. 

Here are a few tips on what your checklist must contain.

Make a plan

List all the things that need to be done before shifting, during the move, and after you reach your new home.

Stick to the schedule so that everything goes smoothly.

Before moving

  • Estimate your moving cost. Contact your professional furniture removalists Gold Coast and schedule an in-house survey.
  • Hire experienced, reputable packers and movers. They should be affordable and trustworthy.
  • Clear out clutter before you start packing. It’s a good time to decide what you would like to keep. Discard or donate the rest.
  • Get appropriate packing materials, like cartons, bubble wrap, sealing tapes, etc.
  • Start packing as early as possible and pack your non-essentials like books, decorative items and paintings first.
  • Add padding and reinforcement to all your packing boxes to keep their contents safe.
  • Label the boxes with contents, destination room, and handling instructions.
  • Pack the essentials that you will require on the last few days before departure and the first few days after arrival, last. Do not forget to pack a first aid box.
  • Remember to purchase moving insurance, pay all your pending bills, and transfer your utilities to your new home, like electricity, gas, phone, internet services, etc.
  • If you live in a rented house remember to inform your landlord in advance.
  • Get all repairs done before moving so that the premises you are leaving will be ready for a fresh rental and you can get your deposit back.
  • Remember to return all borrowed items like library books and films; cancel any subscriptions like club or gym membership etc.
  • Change your postal address; share your updated address and arrange to have your mail forwarded.
  • Create a floor plan for your new house so that you can figure out which of your old furniture will fit and which you should leave behind.
  • Make an inventory list of all the things loaded onto the removal van.
delivery driver moving parcels on hand truck
a checklist you must follow for long-distance move 1

During the move

  • Remember to always keep your valuables with you. Never hand over your jewellery, electronic equipment, bank cards, keys, and cash to the removalists.
  • Your important documents should be filed and in your possession during the move.
  • Plan your move so that you arrive at your new home before the removal truck does if possible.

After the move

  • Tally all your belongings with your inventory list.
  • Check for any damage.
  • Unpack the most essential things first like bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen items.

If you’re moving house talk to our expert team of removalists to get the best advice before you start.


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