A Guide To Choosing The Right Size Moving Boxes For Packing

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What are the best size moving boxes?

Having a good idea of what you need will make packing and unpacking easier.

This is just one aspect of being prepared for a move, but there are many more that must be considered before making any decisions.

When it comes to moving box sizes, you need to consider the weight, shape, and size of the items that you’re packing, the distance that you’re moving, and who will be helping you to move. 

1. Consider the Weight, Shape, and Size of Your Items

The weight, shape, and size of the items that you’re packing will greatly affect the box size that you’ll need. 

It’s important that you know how heavy your items are in order to get the right size box, one sturdy enough to hold what’s inside, before buying them.

Boxes that are too thin for the weight could become damaged during a move quickly or when being loaded onto a truck.

You might also want to use boxes that have been used before; if they’ve been used before you can find them at recycling centres, often at lower prices than new ones.

The shape can also help determine which type of box will work best.

While it’s not always possible to find a perfect fit, there should at least be some overlap so that your belongings don’t slide out while getting packed up. 

And obviously, the size of the items you’re packing will determine the size of the box that you need.

You’ll want to shop for boxes that are larger than what you need in order to allow adequate room for packing and stacking.

2. Consider the Distance that You’re Moving

If you’ll be moving to a new home within driving distance, it might not be necessary to buy too many boxes; you’ll just need smaller boxes for packing your breakable items, like glasses and kitchenware. 

But if you’re planning to move long distances, then you’ll want boxes in different sizes as well as packing materials like bubble wrap and foam peanuts.

You might also need to buy or rent a moving dolly or hand truck for transporting everything from the car to your new home. 

For short-distance moves, cardboard boxes work well because they are easy to carry and very inexpensive.

But if you have to travel long distances, plastic boxes are the best option because they’re light and often waterproof. 

A popular moving option these days is the use of storage containers.

These are large containers that can be dropped off at your house and packed with all of your belongings before being brought to your new house.

This is an easy way to cut down on boxes, as many larger items can be placed directly into the unit and then you can simply use smaller cardboard boxes or plastic bins to hold your small items such as dishes, books, and décor. 

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3. Consider Who Will Be Helping You Move

Some people make the move all on their own or with their spouse, while others recruit a team of family members and friends to help out, while others still hire a team of expert furniture removalists to do the heavy work for them. 

However you choose to move, this could affect what size of boxes you’ll want to pack.

If you have several people helping you, you can use larger boxes that may take two people to safely lift.

If you’re all on your own, you may want to stick to a larger quantity of smaller boxes that are easy to lift individually. 

If you’re planning on renting a moving truck or container, then it might make sense to use the same sized boxes, large or small, so that they will all fit properly inside of it.

Nobody wants to deal with a complicated game of Tetris on an already frantic moving day! 


Packaging is an important part of moving.

Whether you’re planning a short distance move or one that will take you far away, it’s worth taking time to consider how best to pack your belongings for the journey ahead.

The size and shape of your items as well as the number of people helping will all affect what type of box (cardboard or plastic) you’ll need in order to make sure everything arrives safely at its destination.

And if you have any friends who are also looking for help with their moves, don’t forget to recycle your boxes!


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