What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move?

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Moving from one home to another can be a daunting task. There is so much to plan, so many factors to consider and no matter when you start planning your house move, you will always find yourself under prepared! 

There are only 7 days in a week and you have to choose one day which fits perfectly for you, but which day of the week is the perfect day to move homes in general?

This choice in itself can cloud you with confusion.

Therefore, we wanted to share some tricks of the trade that we have gathered over many years of experience so that you could decide your moving day accordingly. 

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Benefits Of Moving On A Weekend

The weekends are the most popular choice for moving house, but is it a smart move?

You Don’t Have To Call In For A Leave 

Moving on a weekend is going to help you not take an unnecessary leave from work or even make your kids skip school.

This means you’ll have extra annual leave to save for an emergency, or a holiday in the future.

If you’re taking unpaid leave from work it just means loss of extra income that you could use in the moving in and setting up your new home.

You Get Heaps Of Additional Help 

Who doesn’t need an extra helping hand while moving?

There would be no feeling better than having your friends and family help around you on moving day!

But this luxury is only possible if you have planned your move on a weekend! 

You Get Empty Roads 

On the weekend, since everyone is not in a hurry to go to work, the roads are usually very relaxed. 

On this hectic day, you will love how easily things happen when the moving truck is on the road going from from one home to another, in minimal traffic. 

Drawbacks Of Moving On A Weekend

But like there are no free lunches, an advantage too doesn’t come without a few rough edges. Like what, you ask? 

You’ll have to book your removalist way in advance

Moving on the weekend may seem perfect but keep in mind that there will be a lot of people out there, who are thinking just like you.

“Plan way in advance, plan every little detail so you can enjoy the perks that come with moving house on the weekend!”

This means that the best furniture removalists on the Gold Coast may have no availability for your weekend move.

That means you may have to go for a lesser recommended service which may come with its own risks.

But don’t be disheartened by these disadvantages as these are fixable with a bit of forward planning!

Benefits Of Moving On A Weekday

It might seem annoying to take time off work, but moving during the week has a LOT of advantages.

Pocket Friendly 

Most people choose to move on weekends hence the demand is very high.

The more the demand, the more it costs.

To save yourself from spending extra money on moving truck rentals, removalists, and other related services, book your move on a weekday instead.

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There are more services readily available, giving you an option to pick and choose according to your preferences.

No Shut Doors 

If you urgently need to visit a government office, or need a special service on the day of moving you can make visits and book services since everything is open on weekdays, unlike the weekends.

You will have the added luxury of having access to any last-minute things you need.

Hassle-Free For Everyone Around 

People living around your old house would usually be working on the weekdays and their kids would be at school.

Similarly, people around your new home will be busy with their day as well.

You could use this window to move out and move in, without causing any trouble to anyone.

Be a good neighbour from day 1. It’ll go a long way! 

Drawbacks Of Moving On The Weekday

You will have to take a leave from work and that will cost you.

Your kids may have to miss school too!

It will give you an unnecessary break in the middle of your week, breaking the flow.

But if weekday moving checks more pros in your list than cons, then go it!


Weekends are the most popular choice to shift your home. But if you are leaning towards the unconventional, then remember to choose a day between Monday and Thursday for your next move. 

They say practice makes a man perfect. But how much can you practice moving a home?

Trust us, we have had enough practice over the years to make your house move perfect for you! 


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