Best Time Of The Day To Move

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Picking the right time of the day to shift your home is an integral part of basic planning that will ensure your moving day goes seamlessly!

But often, we make the mistake of narrowing down on the day to move, but we forget to decide for ourselves, what time of the day will be the best? 

There are a couple of factors you need to take into consideration in making this move as smooth as it can be!

We have assembled the most relevant information, and we are listing it out in priority order that will help you plan your moving day to the tee!


Choose a time of the day when the weather outside is likely to be the most favourable.

That is why we suggest you pick mid-mornings. Because the sunlight is warm and friendly, unlike the afternoons when it can start really take its toll..


Making a move while there is still daylight outside is a suggestion that we will give you all through the year!

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Moving at night can be very frustrating.

Because you have been up since morning and of course you have been working since you’ve been up, so by this time of the day, you will be very – very tired.

Everyone’s productivity will be at its lowest, and this is not what you want on your moving day.


The earlier you start, the better are your chances to avoid or at best overcome the delays that may come.

If your removalists are late, you will still have the time to finish your job the same day.

Therefore, choose mid-mornings for the least number of delays, enjoying the best weather of the day through the ride from your old home to your new home. 

If the weather goes bad and the road conditions start to get affected by those same issues, you can still pull off your move from one home to another while the daylight lasts.


We encourage you to pick a time of the day where traffic conditions are in your favour.

Choose an hour to start your moving truck when the roads are not jammed with peak hour traffic.

If you are planning to move late afternoon or early evening, there are high chances of you and your moving truck sitting in traffic for a long time, which will in turn increase the cost!

Mid mornings are practically the best time to give a green signal to your moving truck.

This will help you to complete your move much more easily.


In a nutshell, the best time to have your Gold Coast removalist arrive is early morning, so you can move out by mid-morning.

This will ensure that your home-moving adventures are done as quickly as possible, in a single day.

The last thing you would want is to have half your stuff here and half your stuff there, and lose the light because you’re stuck in peak our traffic.

The experience of changing homes can be bittersweet.

But because change is the only constant, we are here to help you sort out your change of home. Happy house shifting!  


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