How To Keep Your Possessions Safe During Furniture Removal

Happy marriage packing stuff into carton boxes while moving-out

In the hassle that is relocation, your valuables and fragile possessions can be damaged. The last thing you want after reaching the new home is broken glass and pottery at the bottom of your packing boxes.

To make sure the fragile things don’t break and make a new mess inside the box, here are some tips to pack carefully to avoid damage:

Pick the right boxes

To pack your valuable fragile items like glassware, mirrors, artwork etc., first pick the right box.

Do not try to fit a lot of breakable stuff in a big box.

Heavy and fragile things like these tend to break very easily.

There are certain types of boxes with corrugated lining to pack fragile and breakable stuff.

Boxes with extra dividers help absorb shock from movement during transport.

Cushion the blow

Use padding to pack valuable and fragile things.

Most people use packing papers, but you can go for low cost solution like old newspapers.

bubble wrap packaging
how to keep your possessions safe during furniture removal 1

Line the boxes with crumpled up old newspaper or towels to create a cushioning effect on the stuff inside during movement.

Use paper to wrap the glassware (such as cups, saucers, wine glasses) and stuff them with crumpled paper to make sure they are protected form each angle.

Go vertical

Pack plates, mirrors and artworks in glass frames vertically. Wrap these items in paper, towels, clothes or bubble wraps and put them vertically in the box.

Stacked up plates and mirrors tend to break during movement of the moving van.

Use extra padding on the top and bottom of the box to avoid rattling, or the stuff will break.

No empty spaces

When glassware rattles inside the boxes, they break.

So make sure there are no empty spaces between the items in the box.

Use as much as padding needed to keep the items nice and tightly packed inside the box.

If you feel like cutting down on paper usage, use clothing, towel, blankets, cushions etc. to create padding inside the box.

‘This side up’

What you should never forget is to label the boxes of the breakables.

Label all of these boxes so that its not accidentally flipped during moving.

fragile box sticker
how to keep your possessions safe during furniture removal 2

In addition to labelling the box indicating what’s it carrying (such as ‘dishes’, ‘mirrors’, ‘tea set’).

Writing ‘this side up’ with an arrowhead pointing upwards will not take a lot of your time during packing, not to mention the damage it will save you from in the long run.

Keep your electronics safe

Never throw away the original box the TV or microwave came in, because if you do, you’ll need to buy new boxes to pack these items during moving.

Use paper, pillows, comforters and blankets to make padding for the electronics on all sides of the boxes and make sure outlets are safe.


In addition, hire movers from a professional moving company who will take extra good care of your possessions.

If you are looking for good removalists on the Gold Coast, call A Smooth Move Removals and sleep in peace, because your possessions are in capable hands.


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