Stressed Over Home Removal? We Got Your Back!

Couple with boxes in a new house

Research shows that sixty one percent people finds home relocation to be the most stressful job, even more than a divorce and starting a new job. You need to do all that can be done to make sure it doesn’t become too overwhelming, don’t let all that stress take a toll on your psychological and physical health.

Here are a few things to do to reduce the stress of relocating:-

Prepare well and remember to breathe

There is no alternative to preparing for everything that might come your way.

Make a checklist, plan your budget and time, set deadlines to execute the jobs and start doing the stuff accordingly.

Even though this will eat away a lot of your time, find some time for yourself.

Breathe, relax and let yourself go for a moment.

If you stay stressed all the time, you are going to fall ill and that may put you in a complete mess on the upcoming day.

Check out this handy article to help you get mentally prepared prior to moving day.

Take care of children and pets

Find someone to babysit your children and pets on the moving day.

Changing familiar places is really upsetting for children, as it is for pets.

pet dog in a car
pet do

You must have a relative or friend your kids like a lot, request them to watch your kids and fur babies on the day of relocation.

This would reduce your stress to a minimum, as you would have dodged the job of taking care of upset children.

Free schedule on the day

We are guessing you don’t have to work or be at an important meeting on the moving day.

Do you?

If you do have something coming up on the days before and after, free your schedule as much as possible.

If there is an appointment or task you must do on the day, we suggest you to shift the moving on another day.

Don’t be trapped in a self inflicted mess!

Pack a kit of essentials

No matter how simple this looks, this is one of the most important and stress-saving thing you can do before moving.

If you have a family, pack a suitcase full of essential stuff you need during and immediately after the move such as clothes, phone chargers, toiletries, water bottles, snacks for the kids and provisions for hot drinks (instant tea or coffee sashes) etc.

kids playing with an overnight bag
stressed over home removal? we got your back! 1

It is important to keep yourself energized and hydrated during relocation in order to stay healthy and fit, so do keep necessary food and drinks with you.

The essential kit should be with you in the car when you drive to your new home to ensure your easy access after your arrival there.

Hire professional movers

Do thorough research before choosing a mover, get minimum three estimates from different moving companies.

This way you can compare them and choose the one that is best for you.

Do this well before your home removal so you can plan the move meticulously.

Professional and experienced movers are more skilled in packing and giving estimates of needed resource and handling fragile items so your valuable possessions are absolutely safe in their hands.

They will take over a lot of your work load so hiring their service is going to reduce a lot of your stress.


Looking for a professional mover to help you have a stress free, smooth moving day? Choose A Smooth Move Removals. We are professional removalists working on the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast area. Call us for a free quote today!


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