Moving With Children

Couple moving into new house

Moving to a new house can be fun, but let’s be honest it’s hard work. Moving to a new house with children, well that’s a lot harder. Whilst it might not be easy, here are a few tips for making the transition as seamless as possible.

Take the kids to see the new home

Familiarising your children with their new home, new neighbourhood, new park and possibly their new school will take some of the fear out of the situation.

Pack your child’s room last and unpack it first

Giving your child their familiar space is important in making them feel settled.

Whilst you can still pack elements of their room, try to pack the majority of it last.

kids room
moving with children 1

Once you’ve arrived at the new house, try to make your child’s room one of the first that you unpack.

Giving them a familiar space of their own will assist with making them feel settled more quickly.

Start the process early

Start packing early, maybe even get the kids involved and organise what they are wanting to keep, throw and donate.

Even if the kids are happy with the move, you might want to consider packing at night when they are in bed.

girl sleeping in the bedroom
moving with children 2

When you consider the safety aspect of boxes everywhere and clutter, they don’t mix well with kids running around.

Wait until the kids are in bed and pack a box a night for a few before the move and safely stow them in the garage.

Enlist some help wherever you can

When moving it pays to get help.

If you have family or friends that can take your children during the move, then take them up on the offer.

baby sitter playing with a little boy
moving with children 3

With boxes everywhere and so much to unpack, let them enjoy a sleepover whilst you start getting your new home in order.

Want a Smooth Move? A Smooth Move Removals!

Moving with children might be logistically and psychologically a little harder than a move without them, but it’s also more of an adventure. Exploring your new area with your kids will make it all worth while.

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