How To Pack Your Home While Making It Look Good For Buyers

Moving to new house

Have you bought your next house and are planning on moving, but still need to keep your home looking sale ready?

We have a few tips for making sure you can pack your home whilst still keeping it presentable for showing potential buyers around.

  • Pack things that are behind closed doors. Empty wardrobes and pantries into boxes that can be stowed in your garage.
  • Work at night so you can clear any mess before the morning, that way should any potential buyers be brought through the next day your home will be presentable.
family buying new house
how to pack your home while making it look good for buyers 1
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Do everything in sections and don’t start anything new until you finish what you are doing.
  • Identify rubbish and items to take to goodwill and get them out of your home. Declutter as much as you can. Be ruthless and only keep what you need.
  • Go through your clothing and work out what to keep, what to throw and what to give to good will. There’s no point in hording old clothes that you have no intention of wearing.

Make your next move a smooth one

Talk to A Smooth Move Removals, we can advise you on how many boxes you might need to pack your home and also any tips for making the job easier. We do provide a complete packing service for those that want to outsource the whole process. Imagine, going on holiday and returning to your new home that is fully moved and unpacked!

Call 07 5574 5945 and speak with A Smooth Move Removals and our team of Gold Coast removalists will be on hand to assist with all your house removal needs. Make your next move a smooth one on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Brisbane.


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