Moving Made Eco-Friendly

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Every year more Australians make the choice to become more eco-conscious. So, for those wanting to reduce their environmental impact, here are five tips from our removalists to help make your next more move eco-friendly.

Declutter your life

In this world of excess and materialism, it doesn’t take long to accumulate a whole bunch of belongings. Before you move, have a big spring clean and get rid of anything that you no longer need and donate them to friends, family or charity shops. By cutting down on your belongings you can organise a smaller removal van and reduce the CO2 footprint of your move.

Cook up a storm

In the months leading up to your move start emptying your pantries and freezer by using up all excess food.

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This will reduce your food waste and ensure that you don’t waste packing space transporting a whole bunch of food.

Only buy what you need

Knowing how many boxes you need for your move can be difficult. If you want to do your part for the environment, check out our removalist box calculation guide. This way you can estimate how many boxes you need for your move so you don’t overinvest.

Repurpose moving boxes

Once you’ve finished unpacking, don’t chuck out your moving boxes. Reuse them for storage in your garage or pass them onto friends or family. Better yet, take advantage of our Buy Back Service. Our removalists will happily buy back your used cartons after your move, so they can be reused.

Are you looking for a quality removalist on the Gold Coast? Contact A Smooth Move Removals today. Our friendly team are committed to making your move as smooth as possible. With a range of pricing options, we can find the right service to suit your needs and budget.


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