Tips For A Big Move

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When you’re moving a big home, it can seem quite daunting, but with some planning, organisation and the help of A Smooth Move Removals it can start to become much more manageable.

How to move a big home

Moving house can be very exciting.

At A Smooth Move Removals, we’re seasoned removalists, and as weird as it may sound, we actually LOVE moving.

The planning, the packing, the unpacking, everything about moving; but it’s important to be organised especially when it comes to a big move, so here are some of our top tips.


When you’re moving home, whether it’s a big or small house, there is one tip that always comes to mind, declutter.

Why take time to pack, move and unpack items that have little use?

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Get rid of anything that you don’t use, that has no value or isn’t sentimental.

Start packing as far as you can in advance; if you have children and they are old enough get them to pack a box an evening of things that they aren’t likely to use, such as packing winter clothes if it’s summertime, and vice versa.

Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate!

Consolidate the house as much as you can.

Pack as much of the kitchen cupboards as possible and only use one of two cupboards and drawers, clean the others and don’t use them anymore.

Do you have more than one bathroom?

Pack one up, clean it, and only use one bathroom until moving day.

Finish packing a room, clean it, close the door and move to the next room.

If you need to put two kids in the same room, or the office becomes half a bedroom, do whatever you can to limit the cupboards and rooms in use.

Park on the driveway and start filling your garage with boxes, not only will it clear your home of clutter, it can also make the move a lot quicker.

Label moving boxes

Clearly mark boxes, indicating what room they will be going to in the new house.

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Empty your drawers completely because a full chest of drawers, or wardrobe will be much heavier than an empty one.

Make a simple list

Get a moving checklist, note down the things you’ll need to keep out and those things that definitely need to be packed.

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Put all your important things like nuts bolts screws, into individually labelled zip lock bags, and place them in a common box so they can all be easily located on the other side.

If all else fails, ask A Smooth Move Removals about our professional packing and unpacking service, why not let us do it all for you?

Our removalists will give you a seamless move

Moving a large house is hard, but the more you consolidate your home, and the earlier you do it, the easier it is. As you shrink your home down, the job starts to get a lot more manageable, and with the friendly team of Gold Coast removalists helping you, the task of moving a large home is a lot less daunting. Whether you’re moving within the Gold Coast, or to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, we’re with you every step of the way.


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