Tips For Moving In The Rain

Toddler wearing rubber boots in rainy weather

Moving in the rain isn’t ideal, but it’s not impossible; over the years we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade.

Removalists, come rain, hail or shine

Think ahead, if you know it’s going to rain on moving day, try and plan ahead; how this looks depends on your set-up, if you can move all your boxes to the garage for quick and easy access, plus less dirt gets walked through your house.

If one person stays in the house and passes out boxes to another, it means less dirty shoes will be walked through your home.

plastic bag
tips for moving in the rain 1

Plastic bags can become your best friend; worried about the environment?

Grab some biodegradable bags and get packing.

Packing duvets, clothes, and other items into plastic bags can help keep them protected.

Our team of Gold Coast removalists suggest that whilst moving blankets aren’t waterproof, you can opt for plastic protective covers, they’re not that expensive and can be a great way to keep mattresses and timber dry in the rain.

“Our removalists have a knack for getting into tight spaces, so we will back the truck up as closely to your home or office as possible.”

Place some cardboard boxes, sheets and old rugs in the doorway to prevent surfaces becoming a slip hazard.

If the rain looks likely to pass, but you need to keep moving, start with all your plastic tubs, and work your way up to other items when the rain passes.

black plastic box containers
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If your furniture does get wet, use some towels to dry them off once they’re on the moving truck, don’t wait or your items are at more risk of getting damaged.


Moving in the rain can be a pain, but it shouldn’t be a showstopper. Talk to the team at A Smooth Move Removals on the Gold Coast, and let our removalists worry about it, not you.


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