Understanding Call-Out Fees For Removalists

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In today’s fast-paced world, people are constantly on the move.

As a result, people often relocate or move houses. A removalist can help with these situations.

However, finding a removalist company that will offer you the best price for your move isn’t easy.

One of the most common concerns is how much it will cost them, and they often do not realize that there are other services related to the removal process.

One of these charges is the call-out fee.

This blog post provides information on what this service charge entails to help you understand what a call-out fee is.

What is a Call Out Fee?

A call-out fee is the service charge that you will be required to pay when the removalists come in.

It is an additional cost on top of the delivery and pick-up costs for your move since it covers the cost of the time it takes for the Gold Coast removalist to arrive and work on your activity or the time spent inspecting your job and generating a quote.

“It also covers their fuel and staffing costs and is known as “call-in” or “booking/administration fee.” 

This can sometimes exceed $100, but there are times when it could go beyond $500. 

Ultimately, the price depends on how much work needs to be done by the removal company and how far your place is from headquarters.

Importance of Knowing the Removalist’s Call Out Fee

The best thing to do is speak with your removalist company and discuss various details such as fees, charges, etc. This will help you in preparing a moving budget that can accommodate additional costs.

Why Does the Removalist Charge for Call Outs?

The main reason why companies have these fees is that they want their customers only to contact them if they need help with moving some items from one place to another. With this, those who don’t require more than just a pick-up and delivery of items will not pay for this fee.

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The Common Types of Removals and Their Respective Call Out Fees

Here are the most common types of house removals you should be aware of, including the call-out fees that come with them.

Household Removals

Household removals are the most common type of removal and are usually charged at least $65 for the call-out fee. Usually, this service is included in basic removal packages and can be negotiated depending on your move.

Commercial Removals

Commercial removals are availed for business purposes such as shifting the office from one location to another.

In this case, the removalist will usually assess your move and then provide you with an estimate depending on how many days it would take them to complete your task and all other factors such as the size and quantity of items being relocated.

Commercial removals typically start more expensive than household removals.

It is expected to be more than $100, mainly if certain factors and circumstances affect the move-out, such as needing specific equipment or vehicles due to large item sizes.

Local Removals

Local removals refer to moving from one area within the same state or city. In this case, the call-out fee is usually above $100, depending on how far your place is located from headquarters.

Interstate Removals 

For interstate moves, the call-out fee usually starts at $200 and can go beyond as well.

If you relocate out of town or across state borders, expect to pay more for your move due to higher fuel costs involving longer travel time and additional equipment needed like bigger trucks to accommodate all items being moved.

Some Factors that Affect the Price of a Call Out Fee

For example, if there is an additional stop involved or you require your items to be picked up from another location, this will usually cover any particular circumstances.

It may then lead to higher charges on top of just regular pick-up and delivery fees.

It’s also important to note that interstate removals take more time due to heavy traffic. This means fuel cost increases and equipment needed like bigger trucks to carry all items being moved.

Moreover, it entails that longer work hours are required by removalists plus more travel time spent during moving day since they’ll need several trips with the truck instead of just one.

Finally, it’s also important to note that the size of your items will be a factor in determining how much you can expect to pay for the call-out fee.

If larger item sizes are involved, this means more time is required by removalists, which means higher fuel costs and longer work hours while carrying out the task.

The furniture removalists may also need additional equipment like bigger trucks which increase the overall cost as well.

Can I Ask My Removalist Company Not To Charge Me A “Call-Out” Fee?

There may be a way you can negotiate the call-out fee with your removalist company.

If they think there is a chance of getting paid for their work despite not charging any fees, this might convince them to agree on doing it without asking for anything in return.

They may choose to waive the charges f you have been a regular client for their services.


The process of moving comes with its challenges.

Still, understanding what should be expected from removers, especially regarding fees such as call-outs, might help reduce stress during relocation day.

Are you having problems with planning a move-out, or are your plans all laid out, and you only need a removal service?

For your questions or to book a consultation, do not hesitate to reach out to us!


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