What To Do With Your Old Furniture Before Moving

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Moving into a new house can be both an exciting adventure and a stressful endeavour.

In addition to daydreaming about your new home’s décor, you may also be thinking about how you will dispose of your old furniture. 

Perhaps you’re considering selling the pieces you won’t use anymore, but with so many other things you need to get done and consider before the move, dealing with the problem of how to sell your old furniture can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled a list of easy ways to sell your furniture and make the most profit!

Offer Your Furniture to Friends and Neighbours Before Looking for Buyers Online

More likely than not, your friends and neighbours already know that you’re moving, so why not ask them first?

Checking if anyone in your circle is interested in some of your furniture can save you from the waiting game of putting it up for sale online.

Suppose your friends are already familiar with certain pieces of furniture they intend to buy.

In that case, the whole selling process will go by much faster, as they don’t need to make an appointment to check the item out anymore, and they can easily deliberate whether they want to make the purchase or not.

Plus, they can come and pick up the furniture themselves, which saves you the hassle of giving out directions to your place and saves them any delivery charges! 

Sell Items Piece By Piece Instead of Trying to Sell Everything at Once

Asking for a bundle price might save you time, but selling the furniture piece by piece will give you more value out of your belongings.

This is especially helpful if some pieces are intricately designed and others aren’t as valuable or aesthetically pleasing.

Also, set unique prices based on how much each item costs so it’ll be easier for customers to make an offer without feeling like they’re getting ripped off just because it’s bundled with something else!

Put Up Your Listings On Social Media Sites

With most major social media platforms nowadays offering ways to sell and market products online, it might be worth your while to put up listings of your furniture there as well.

“Facebook’s Marketplace feature is a great place to sell your furniture.”

It has a wide customer base, a streamlined and easy-to-use interface, and it allows products to reach a targeted audience.

Also, there are various Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling different products, so try searching some up and trying your luck by posting there as well.

Remember when we said it’s a good idea to offer your furniture to your friends first before checking online?

You can apply that tip here as well; you can post a story or create a highlight on your Instagram profile, or create a tweet or a thread on your Twitter to see if any of your friends or followers would be interested in purchasing your furniture.

The more listings you’re able to put up, the higher the chances of your furniture being sold!

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Be Aware of Your Competition

Knowing how your competitors price their products will give you an idea of what to set as your base pricing.

Pricing your items cheap gets them off your hands fairly quickly, as people are always looking for the best deals; pricing your items for a higher price, on the other hand, might take a while for it to get sold, but you’re guaranteed a higher profit.

It’s also good to compare furniture pieces by size, style, condition, and year so that buyers can easily weigh their options when making a purchase decision.

Take into consideration as well that furniture market trends mirror real estate market trends. You’re more likely to get your items sold if you sell them in the summer, as this is also the time when many are looking to move into new homes.

Although selling your furniture might seem like a part of the moving process, for some people, it isn’t worth the effort and time since they can easily get more value out of their pieces by donating. 

One of the benefits of getting rid of your old items this way is that you don’t have to worry about paying for transportation costs.

The charity will most likely be providing a truck to take everything down, and there’s also no need for you to do anything other than drop off what needs to go!

It also helps keep landfills clean, so check around if any charities in your area accept donations.

Just make sure that whatever organization you approach knows which items are reusable and recyclable beforehand so everyone wins!


Selling your furniture can be a great way to make additional money before moving to a new house.

It’s also useful if you’re simply looking for ways to declutter or want something different in its place.

Regardless of what route you decide to take with your old furniture, make sure that they’ll be put into good use before letting them go!


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