When to Use a Storage Unit During a House Move?

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A study from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, has found that in the quarter ending September 2020, more than 76,000 people moved house. But what about all their old furniture? Often it cannot all fit into a new home and so sometimes they have to leave some pieces behind or sell them off at an auction.

That is when you needs to keep the excess goods in storage. There are storage units available in most parts of Australia with long-term and short-term storage options and a range of storage unit sizes that can be used to sort out this problem.

When are storage units necessary?

There are different reasons for the need of storage units…


After 60, many couples find the upkeep of their homes to be too much even with an army of professional cleaners and helpers on hand.

For some this means a move into smaller quarters where they can still maintain what’s important while having more time for themselves again. 

However, once in these new surroundings it may become obvious that all furniture from the old house won’t fit inside.

So one needs to rent a storage unit or hire movers before moving day arrives when everything is unpacked and put away properly.

If you don’t want to throw away anything

Moving out of your childhood home can be tough, but luckily for sentimental pack-rats who refuse to throw anything away (even if it’s not useful), there are storage units that will take care of all those unwanted items. 

They provide a central location where you can store the memories from your past and move into a new life at peace with yourself.

When the cost of a larger house outweighs the cost of a storage unit

Since property prices are at an all-time high, many people have been unable to afford a place of their own. 

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For these folks, renting storage units is the next best thing when they need more space.

When moving house temporarily

A storage unit is an ideal place to store your furniture if the move is for a short duration of time, like when you’re changing jobs, or when moving to a temporary apartment.

But remember there are few things you can’t put into a storage unit. 

Things that can’t go into a storage unit

  • Perishables like food that need refrigeration and even canned food that may explode or attract rodents and bugs.
  • Combustible items like Kerosene, gas, oil, grease.
  • Illegal items like weapons and drugs.
  • Stolen goods.
  • Unregistered vehicles.
  • Toxic substances like chemicals, fertilizers, ammonia, turpentine, etc.
  • Live plants.
  • Wet items like Scuba diving gear, canoes, and kayaks, surfboards, etc.

And of course, remember a storage unit is not for residential purposes. 

How much do storage units cost?

The rent of a storage unit in Australia ranges from $65 to $374 per month, depending on its size and portable varieties are also available. 

Our highly trained and experienced furniture removalists can pack and unpack all your stuff, plus we have our own storage units too.

This gives our clients the option of moving some of the boxes into storage while shifting the rest to the new house. 

All trucks have a GPS tracker so that you can keep tabs on the movement of your furniture too. 

Our team of specialist removalists on the Gold Coast has facilities to make your furniture transfer smooth and seamless, so feel free to contact us for a quote. 


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