Your Office Moving Checklist

Couple packing their stuff into boxes during move house

Moving Office can be stressful time, trying to coordinate everything so there as little disruption to your business is important.

Our removalists have come up with a checklist of things you should consider when moving offices.

Two months to move checklist

  • Appoint a go-to person in the office that will coordinate the moving process.
  • Organise what space is in the new office space and how your existing furniture will fit in. Do you need to buy or sell any of the existing furniture?
businessman moving into a new office
your office moving checklist 1
  • Find out if there are any power points, IT ports and any additional power or data needs that you have and schedule any cabling that’s needed.
  • Pick a move date and ensure both offices are prepared.

One month to move checklist

  • Organise boxes for the move.
  • Pack anything that is not being used.
  • Declutter where possible.
  • Keep employees up to date so they can pack their belongings.
  • Confirm all IT needs and access requirements again.

One week move checklist

  • Get all IT requirements installed in the new office.
  • Confirm all the professionals such as; cleaners, removalists, IT installations, electricians, internet and power providers etc…
  • Continue to pack what you can into boxes.
  • Ensure you have supplies ready in case it rains on the day.

Moving day

  • Get A Smooth Move Removals to take care of all your office furniture.
  • Set up workstations; speak to your employees about assisting with getting the office set up and back on track.
it support setting new computer
your office moving checklist 2
  • Ensure the cleaners are cleaning the old office once it has been emptied.
  • Ensure all the power, cables and data are working.
  • Enjoy a celebratory drink with your staff!

After all the stress of moving why not enjoy a celebratory drink with your staff. You’ve done it and you’ve moved.

Office removals

Our removalists work tirelessly to ensure that you get a smooth move every time, so be assured that downtime is minimised should you choose A Smooth Move Removals. For all your Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane office removal needs call 07 5574 5945.


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