Benefits of Having a Storage Space

A young couple moving in new home.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, some furniture and belongings just won’t fit into your new home. Whether you’re downsizing or have just inherited additional furniture, a storage space is a great way to store these items until you decide what to do with them.


Storage units are monitored 24 hours a day with CCTV surveillance cameras and on-site management. This will ensure that your belongings stay safe while in storage. In fact, while many people believe that storage units are packed full of unused belongings, many people choose to store their valuable belongings in these units to ensure their safety.


Storage units are generally accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on request. With your own key and security code you can choose to add or remove items at times convenient to you.


Most storage units offer both long-term and short-term storage options. This allows you to choose a storage timeline that fits your needs. This is handy if you want to store your items while you rent or lease.

Various sizes

Each storage unit company offers a range of storage unit sizes to suit different needs and budgets. You can assess the number of things you need to store and find the right sized unit to fit them. Better yet, you can choose to upgrade or downsize at any time if your circumstances change.

At Smooth Move Removals, our removalists recommended four main storage facilities: Fort Knox, Big Box, Safeway Storage and Storage King. Our professional removalists are happy to transport your furniture or boxes to storage spaces all over the Gold Coast. Our removalists can move all your belongings to a storage unit, or do a split delivery, with some items dropped off at a storage space, before unloading at your new home. Whatever your storage needs, our removalists can help!


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