Myths and Facts of Moving to a New House

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Being removalists, we hear many myths about moving. Today we wanted to take the time to dispel some of these myths and give you all the facts.

Moving Myth 1: It’s far cheaper to move yourself

While it may be cheaper to hire a removal truck yourself, rather than paying for a professional removalist, the final moving costs are likely to be the same. There are many costs that are included in the price of professional removal services that you will have to fork out if you move yourself. These costs include: fuel, vehicle insurance, road tolls and additional moving equipment such as, dollies, moving straps and ramps. In the end, a DIY move may not be much cheaper that hiring a professional removalist.

Even if it was cheaper to move everything yourself, there are a lot of other ways DIY furniture removal can go wrong.

Moving Myth 2: All removalists are the same

Each removalist company have very different costs and conditions of service. Before you choose a professional removalist, make sure you do your research. Check out their ratings online and check out their website to see if they offer the services that you will require.

Moving Myth 3: Any boxes will work

Many people moving to a new house collect free boxes from grocery stores to use for packing. While this may save you money, these boxes are designed to hold significant weight or withstand impact. They are difficult to securely pack into a removal truck and will not provide adequate protection for your valuables.

Moving Myth 4: You don’t need to label your boxes

While it may take you a bit of extra time, organising your boxes according to rooms and clearly labelling your boxes really helps when you get to your new home. By labelling you boxes, your removalists will know exactly where to place each box and you will know exactly where to start unpacking.

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