Home Removal Is Now A Piece Of Cake

Family moving in to a new home

Moving home is considered to be the most stress inflicting ordeal for anyone. Research shows that people hate moving more than they hate heartbreak! The plus side is, once it’s done, you don’t have to do it again for a while.

The internet is full of advices that will help you to make your moving day better. You can do a number of things to make it easier. Whether you live alone or with a family, you need help during moving. Calling friends as helpers might seem like a good idea but the better idea is to call a moving company. Friends like hanging out with you, not carry your heavy boxes to the moving truck! You are a lucky, lucky person if your friends are excited about helping you move. If you are not so lucky, hire professional removalists who will happily do the moving for you while you relax and enjoy beginning a fresh new start.

Here are a number of pointers to make your moving day easier:

Take inventory

Before doing something so hectic, you need to list every task with deadlines by the side. This will organise the move and keep the chaos to a minimum. Create an inventory of your stuff, making sure that everything is in its place and nothing is lost. Do this before the removalists start packing, so you are at the top of things during the relocation.

Change address

Do your office, bank, dentists or insurance company know you have moved? This is a simple thing most people forget. Change your address one or two weeks before you relocate so none of your mails are lost. The new tenant at your old house might throw away your important letters or paperwork if you forget to update your address where needed.

Use a storage space

If it’s too stressing and messy to take some valuables, fragile or heavy belongings with you on the moving day, use a storage space. Professional removalists can hook you up with good storage facilities that have ample security. If they are expensive stuff, insure them.

Take photos

Taking photos of wire terminals of your electronics is a great way to install them in your new home without a lot of stress. If you are not tech savvy, take photos of the back of your television, fridge and computers to remember what goes where. You can also take photos of furniture settings or any other stuff in the house you want to set up exactly like your old home.

Use porta-robes

Want to avoid folding your favourite suit? Use porta robes, which are like portable wardrobe boxes to carry clothes that needs to be on a hanger. This way you can dodge getting creases on your delicate garments.

Keep a full suite of moving essentials close at hand for moving day.

If you are really stressed about home removal and trying to make it easier, choose a professional and reliable moving company. A Smooth Move Removals is a family owned moving company on the Gold coast that has been rated on of the top three.

Call A Smooth Move Removals today and experience a moving day that is smooth and stress free!


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