Moving Essentials At Your Fingertips

Handsome young man moving to a new home

When you are planning to move, a major issue you have to face is getting the necessary materials you need at a reasonable cost. You must decide how to get the moving truck/van, people to move the boxes and packing materials. Some people uses storage space before relocating, so that is an added issue to solve.

Van and the muscles

Whether you are moving from your home, office or warehouse, A Smooth Move Removals will give you an estimate of how much resources you need.

They provide the moving van of a suitable size depending on your need, with a certain number of movers to pack and carry the boxes in the van.

The bigger your property is, the more people and bigger van you need.

The reason is that the movers charge you by the hour, and if you take a lot of trips to move all your stuff the cost will go up.

Storage space

Using a storage unit to store stuff during moving can reduce some of the stress you feel to be dawning on you.

Storage units come handy when you need to store things until you are able to take them to the new place.

We work with suchstorage facilities and can provide good storage spaces with CCTV monitoring and manned security.

Once you have organised your storage requirements, expert removalists will transport your belongings to the storage unit quickly and efficiently.

Packing materials

There are a number of packing materials you need to wrap up the whole property.

The most common are packing boxes. Use small cardboard boxes to carry heavy objects (such as books) and big ones to carry light objects (such as pillows).

You need porta robes, which are portable wardrobes to carry lighter and bulkier items such as clothes, shoes etc.

clothes in a wardrobe
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You may also need bubble wraps to pack fragile items like glassware, tapes to wrap packing boxes, chair and mattress covers to wrap your couch, sofa, dining room chair and mattresses etc.

All of these can be bought from A Smooth Move Removals.

You can buy second hand packing boxes at a low cost for packing your possessions.

They also offer to buy back the cartons and boxes after your move depending on the condition of the boxes.


A Smooth Move Removals offers to give free quotes, as in an estimate of resources and cost of moving your home. If you choose to hire their services, everything you need for relocation is at your fingertips. Also, they have been rated one of the top three removalists on the Gold Coast recently. If you live on the Gold Coast and need to move, call A Smooth Move Removals as your removalist.


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