Tips for People Who Move Frequently

Young Married Couple Unpacking Moving Boxes In New House

No one enjoys the hassle of moving, especially when you do it regularly. Whether you’re a renter, or constantly on the move with your work or family, our removalists put together some simple tips for those living on the move.

Become a minimalist

Over the years, we collect lots of items that we simply do not need. We keep things ‘just in case’ or for sentimentality and end up with a lot of excess stuff. It can be hard sometimes, but if you want to make your life easier you must be rather ruthless about what you keep and what you get rid of.

Only unpack the necessities

Of course, there are some things you will keep that you don’t necessarily need day to day but can’t bear to part with (such as family heirlooms or old kids toys). When it comes to these items, simply keep them boxed and store them so they are ready to go when you move again.

Become a local in your area

If you’re moving a lot then you’re used to feeling like a fish out of water. So it’s important to get out there and explore and make your new neighbourhood feel like home again.

Here are some bonus tips to help you feel at home in a new city.

Consider storage space

If you anticipate a long string of moves, then it may be best to invest in storage space. This way you can keep excess furniture or boxes that you don’t need in the short term and keep them out of the way. When your life become more settled you can pull it all out of storage again. If you need suggestions about the best storage space providers on the Gold Coast, then contact our experienced removalists.

Plan ahead

As soon as you know when your next move is happening, pop it into your planner and work backwards to ensure you are completely organised before moving day. If you realise you won’t need items again until your move, box them up so they’re ready to go. Make a list of things you need to do and get rid of anything you don’t want to bring to your next home.

If you’re looking for a no-fuss removalist company, then contact A Smooth Move Removals. We are committed to providing quality removalist services for less. Whether you’re moving locally or further afield, you can rely on us!


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